Tuesday, February 9, 2010

blue-eyed sky shines on me, can't help but feel a little cold

I didn't have class or work today! It was a nice day off. I went to the chiropractor and then to Walgreens because I wanted to get Valentines for my work/classmates, for my best friends, and for the kids in the second grade sunday school class which I teach. I ended up with Spider-Man ones for the boys (with pencils!) and Disney Princess ones fro the girls (with glitter tattoos!). Valentines are so much cooler than they ever were when I was little.

Tomorrow I have my first statistics test of the semester, I'm kind of nervous! And on Thursday I work 1 - 9, and on Friday 12 - 9 (I have to skip writing for this. Haha, time to change my availability). Friday is also payday. Hmmm, I wonder what I will buy ;)

Also, the lovely Sara Lynn gave me this award for Urban Tease, and now I'm supposed to list 10 things which make me happy. Here I go:

1. My "smile" folder. I keep a folder on my computer where I save things that make me smile. Photos, word documents, screenshots, etc. Most of them are cat photos with silly captions, such as...

2. The kiosk workers in the mall. They are the best kind of friends to have. All they do is pour compliments on you and give you free samples. I seriously stalk the kiosks on work breaks, trying to make friends with the workers. So far, my plan has been a success.

3. Staying in during the winter. I love spending winter nights indoors snuggled under blankets with mugs of hot chocolate. It's also a plus if friends or Fred Astaire stop by.

4. Disney Princess movies. I was never allowed to watch them growing up, save for Mulan (and thus, I know it by heart). I finally watched them all when I was about 12 or 14, and they're amazing! All of the princesses are so inspirational and strong (irony: I wasn't allowed to watch them growing up because my mum thought they were bad examples of women), not to mention beautiful. I could watch them all a million times and still be enchanted. (P.S. has anyone read that article in the latest Vanity Fair about the young women who coloured in all the frames for the original movies? It's on my to-read list!)

5. Working. I really like work. I like the people and I like having something to do. I like making money. I like paying taxes. (However, I worked an 11 hour shift on Saturday, spent deep drying food. I got burnt on my wrist and my face!!)

6. Carbs!! I adore carbohydrates. Bagels are probably my favourite form, though I cannot say for certain.

7. Gilmore Girls. That show just makes me laugh and feel pretty darn good inside. I miss it.

8. My friends. They're good to me and I think I'd get pretty lonely without them.

9. Old movies. They're just better than the ones today. Especially if they're romances. And especially if they contain Fred Astaire.

10. My music. Honestly, I probably have a pretty bad taste in music (sorry, I don't listen to all those hipster indie bands that the kids like these days), but I like it. I like my *N Sync, my Blink 182 and Something Corporate. Sam Cooke and Charles Trenet.


Mel said...

AH I love your Doc Martens! The white makes them even cooler in the snow! Really, you didn't watch Disney movies growing up? My favorite Disney princess is Mary Poppins, which follows by everyone trying to convince me she's not a princess :( Yay carbs, I love love love pasta, though egg bagels are pretty good too! Agreed, old movies are way better!

Sara Lynn said...

aww you look so cute! I love your haircut! That kitty pic made me giggle and I love Gilmore Girls too! :)

CH!C $hock said...

cute outfit. this post was so fun to read! keep it up :-)


tess said...

I still love something corporate!

Katie Beth said...

I love the white Docs; just today I was admiring someone's white boots.
I also pretty much know Mulan by heart; that was my favorite when I was little. (:
And I alsooooo love watching Gilmore Girls! I haven't seen all of it so I don't really know the entire story line but I watch the reruns when they're on. I love the conversations that they have.

The Sunshine Diaries said...

My mom also did not let me watch certain Disney movies because she thought they were "negative examples". She would never let me watch The Little Mermaid. It is now one of my favorite movies.

Robyn said...

Carbs are certainly one of the best things there is! I totally eat mass amounts of bread and pasta at when ever I am able.

Your Docs are blinding(ly brilliant) !


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Awesome outfit, I love the boots and that blue is gorgeous. Your Valentine's Day plans do sound fun. I love those cheesy little card sets.

Yvonne Renee said...

oh man...carbs are fabulous. cookies, pasta...mmmmm.

Taylor said...

ok, so you have the 2 pairs of doc martens that i want! but i know i can't get both so now i'm in a predicament. and do the docs fit true to size??

chloe said...

Taylor - I find that they run a little small. I buy a 5US in Docs, when I'm actually a 4. (:

jack bespoke said...

great docs! and in white nonetheless, how great are those


Cassidy said...

snuggling up inside on a cold winter night is the best !
love the shoes by the way ;}

Hope-Fashion Narcotics said...

Chloe, what happened to Soren? I can't find the blog its on! I love love love Soren and cannot wait for you to to post the complete versions. Also love the faithful DM's , wish I had some for the snow.

Susie said...

why yes I have been stalking your blog, but what has drive me to comment is the MAHOOSIVE smile that cat put on my face :)
And generally your list of good things.
keep it up (or some other cheesy way to finish this)