Sunday, March 28, 2010

watch what you feel, they'll say it's not real

So it's kind of funny that I say "Oh yes, I'm loving the flowy layers and neutrel colours for spring" and then I show up wearing a motorcycle jacket and Mickey Mouse sweater. Though I guess because it's still that awkward phase between winter and spring, it shouldn't really count, now should it?
The jacket is from H&M's $15 off all jackets & blazers sale. I'd been wanting a motorcycle jacket for a very, very, very long time so this seemed like a perfect excuse to get one. Of course it's almost summer and a jacket won't be needed. I love when I buy clothing out of season.

However, these shoes are coompletely in season!! I bought these saddle shoes at Payless last weekend for $10 (with a coupon). They're a size 2.5 kids, I think the shoes run a bit big there...? Saddle shoes are awesome. I used to wear them when I was just a little kid. That being said, I also wore Doc Martens, jelly sandals (with socks, duh), and clogs. Obviously I was a very fashionable little kid.

The red hoodie is the only thing that I own from American Apparel. I got it for $0.67 at the second hand store. I think there's this whole idea that hoodies aren't "fashionable" or whatever, but even if they aren't, they're still "stylish" and great for layering. It's still a bit too cold out for the jacket, so throwing a hoodie on underneath makes it appropriate for bus stop lingering and class-to-class campus scurrying. Plus it adds a nice dose of colour. Black & red together are lovely. Always.

I don't have another day off until Easter, and even after Easter I don't have a day off. Paychecks will be huge, but I'll be worn thin. Anyways, got to go do some writing class work before leaving for work!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

new breed

My biggest inspiration for spring is the flapper look of the Roaring Twenties. Colenimo's spring/summer 2010 collection is a lovely, modernized rendition of this trend which started nearly a century ago.

I love so much about the flapper influence. The hair, the hair accessories. The flowly layers, menswear inspiration. I'll admit it's a step away from my usual high-waisted style, but it's still refreshing and I look forward to playing around with hemlines, layers, and a new colour palette this spring!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Work was apparently being very nice yesterday, as they gave us all an extra 10 minutes on our breaks. So I went shopping! I had seen a fella walking through Nickelodeon Universe with this way awesome Lego messenger bag, so I wandered on over to Legoland (which is, conveniently, located by the entrace of the theme park) and bought one for myself.

You may not like it, but I think this is pretty much the coolest bag. Ever. It's square, the lining is red with lego print, and the zipper pull is a lego. Oh, and I used my mall employee discount (10%) which I've never been able to use before. And thus, I felt way cool. I highly recommend heading on over to your local Legoland and buying one for yourself.

On a sidenote: I'm thinking I'll start collecting messenger bags. They're highly convenient for work, and school, and life in general. Next up is a Pan Am one, I believe. Send me links for other cool bags! (: