Wednesday, October 27, 2010

inspiration / computer broken

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been able to update for the past couple of weeks. My beloved laptop, Godfrey, broke and it will be a few weeks until he's back up & running! I'm not even sure if I'll be able to recover all my photos, music, documents, etc. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!! I miss my little Godfrey already )=

In the meantime, I'll be uploading photos, videos, etc. which I find inspiration in. Today I have recent photos of 3 fabulous ladies who I greatly admire.

You may remember Emily Browning, the darling Aussie actress, from A Series of Unfortunate Events all those years back! She's in a new movie called Sucker Punch with Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, and some other very famous young female actresses.

She looks like such a doll with the short hair and bright eyes! Em is so lucky because she has great natural beauty. I also adore her current hair colour. I'm thinking of dying my hair something like this... It offsets her pale skin beautifully.

Emma Stone! I saw Easy A, which was so great. Emma is ridiculously funny and so amazingly pretty. I love her hair and her eyes. And well, everything about her. Major girl crush.

I loved her Nylon magazine photoshoot, too. I want her hair colour, it's so lovely!

Emma Watson! She's getting a lot of hate for her new pixie, but I think she looks bloody amazing. It was such a great move - a fresh look for a new era!

She's set to be in a new movie about Marilyn Monroe, which I'm already excited for and I don't think they've even begun filming.

Okay, this photo doesn't really fit in with the rest, but Em looks incredible. I love the dress and the earrings. It proves that ladies with short hair can still look fabulous. My boyfriend absolutely denies that girls look good with short hair - but so does his mum! Okay, so maybe it's a very boyish cut...but who cares?? Emma looks sexy and cute in it, even if it is boyish.

This here must be the absolutely most beautiful photo of Emma that I've ever seen. She looks so delicate and beautiful. I could stare at this forever and still be amazed.

Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon. The man from Hewlitt-Packard said it will take a lot of time & dedication to recover all of my files. I'm not excited about that, but anything to keep all those memories and get Godfrey back in the game.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

when you found me I was running wild

Yes, it's been a very long time since I've updated....just like the old days, ehhh? Apologies, I've had no time! And the time I have had has been spent with my wonderful boyfriend :3 But I'm home sick today, so here's one huuuuge post to satisfy. I spent $3.21 on a Naked juice yesterday because it had 760% of my daily Vitamin C dose in it....but I'm even more sick today than yesterday!! Oh well, Tuesday is my always my blog/homework/TV day, so here goes....
The first thing I'd like to say is that I was lucky enough to do an interview with Mariska Deasy for her blog, which you can read right here!! Goodness, isn't she the absolute cutest thing??

Second, I got new boots!! Aren't they lovely? I feel like this outfit is a reversion back to my old style...It must be the autumn. I snagged them from the DSW sale section a few weeks ago. I cannot afford them but I thought I'd splurge.
Third, I also got this lovely new headband from Urban Outfitters the other day. On sale!! It reminded me of Lillian Gish and the lovely pale colour contrasts with my hair nicely. Usually headpieces get lost in my dark hair! When I put it on, my mum saw me and said, "You look positively like Clara Bow" or something along those lines. Aw, isn't that lovely? But she knows that Clara is my favourite and was probably saying it to please me. All the same, I love my mum.

My boyfriend also came over while I was taking photos. Thursday & Sunday are date days for us, so on this day we were going to ride rides at Nickelodeon Universe & then see Easy A! I really liked that movie, Emma Stone is sooo wonderful and super freakin' pretty.
Oh, and since everyone loves him so much & because he's soooo puppy dropped by, too (:

His tongue is magnificent, no?

when you found me I was running wild
This is an older outfit. I took photos & posted it on Lookbook, so I thought it'd only be fair if I posted it here. It's sort of a mashup of my style from over the past year, which I can prove with this:
1. The motorcycle boots, which I wore everyday last spring.
2. The tights are necessary when faking longer legs, so I wear them all the time, especially in colder weather.
3. The bodycon does the same with the legs, and makes me feel really curvy and great. I love deep colours, so the purple is perfect.
4. The red flannel is, of course, my favourite shirt ever, as it's so toasty warm & delicious and all over Minnesotan.
5. And this vest, which is a new peice from the second hand store, is sooo soft and incredibly warm! Plus, I'm really getting into animal print lately...this is a newer touch to my style.
Anyhow, time to start homework though! I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely autumn!! Or I suppose spring, if you're in Australia. (: