Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morton salt girl

It's finally getting spring-y! Rain and gloom, my only favourite things about spring. Still cold, though. I wore this outfit for only a couple of hours, felt like the Morton salt girl, and then decided to watch TV. So I changed into something more comfortable (aka skinnys, an old rugby shirt, a bright green stocking cap, and socks).

But oh how I was so excited to finally wear this coat. I got it last fall at my neighbour's estate sale. She was off to a nursing home (where she later died, just this past January), so I scurried over to the sale & picked up a ton of sweaters and coats for $6 a piece. Very nice. This is London Fog. It has nice, huge pockets & a lovely collar (while still managing to have a hood). The skirt was sent to me by some girl I do not know. It is handmade & has the cutest little flowers on it. The shoes are Oxford pumps. They're much too big for my tiny feet. And did not photograph well. I got my haircut, too. This photo makes it look very strange, however.

I began watching Skins today. Yeah, I know, I'm like 3 years behind everyone else. It finally came to DVD in the US & looked quite intriguing. It's always being compared to Gossip Girl here, but honestly, it's so so so much better. And a ton more realistic. And deep. Just all around better. Cannot wait to finish that off. I think it might be my new TV obsession (which, as of late, has been America's Next Top Model).

Speaking of America's Next Top Model, did you all hear Celia (Cecilia?) last week. Damn, she got told. Tyra was angry. I'm glad that Fo & Allison are still in, though. Allison is too dang adorable. And on that note, I am off to shower & watch a movie.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

there's more than light in your eyes

Spring break is here, but I'm still waiting for spring to arrive. On the bright side, I'm off to the zoo with my sister (on Wednesday or Thursday, I think) and perhaps an art exhibit at the Walker Art Museum. Very, very excited. Other than that, I'm just hanging at home painting or spending time with old friends.

I think I'll be watching Brothers of the Head tonight. Has anyone seen it? Looks very strange, but I've heard good things about it. The other day I picked up the new Delay's CD, Everything's the Rush. Okay, so it came out a year ago, but it's new to me. And it is so incredibly good. I'd forgotten how brilliant of songwriters they are. Greg doesn't sing in such a falsetto anymore though.

Ah! This outfit. I found this sweater in my mum's closet a few weeks ago & finally had to chance to wear it. It's very odd, because this sweater used to be my father's. And it really isn't that big. Apparently my father used to be the size of Eric Forman when he was younger. Or Topo Gigio. It's very scratchy, has a stain on the collar, and therefore has the makings of the perfect '70s sweater.

edit: There seems to be great confusion about the creature on my sweater. It is a polar bear (fangs). A lot of people at school thought it was a giant gopher, someone commented thinking it was a tiger. But no, it is a polar bear. Sorry for that confusion.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

you're very hard to please

This week has been the week of simple pleasures. It started one night when I opened the kitchen cupboard to find the above. A wall of almonds and a wall of peanut butter (blech) all stacked up against each other. I think we've all finally moved away from the peanut-butter-salmonella outbreak, where an enormous number of people got sick & quite a few died (at least here in Minnesota). Yet another reason to not eat peanut butter (besides the many other reasons that existed long before the Salmonella scare).

Later, I accidentally walked into my bathroom on my way to a different room in the house (I do this often), only to find a plethora of prettily coloured hygiene products. I was just so overjoyed by the cluttered-ness of the sink, covered with pretty greens and blues and oranges and pinks. Of course, a photo was necessary.

After that, I was reading Just Jared & saw this photo of none other than Taylor Momsen. Of course, I quite like her, but it's the little dog that caught my eye. I knew that New Yorkers did odd things to stand out - but their dogs, too? Poor little thing has a green mohawk and a horrible knitted sweater.

Anyways, it finally got above 60 degrees this week (though it did drop back down below freezing to allow for some snow). It's very nice out today & I plan on going outside and drawing in a bit. First I wanted to do this, though. Here is what I wore today.

I got these Keds at a sale a couple of years ago. They were too big for me, but now are getting too small, so I plan on wearing them out this spring/summer. Otherwise I will feel guilty for wasting $6 on a nice pair of shoes. They have orange and pink flowers on them. I wore the blue acid wash jeans again. I'm starting to dislike them, because they get so stretched out within the first half an hour of wear. It drives me crazy. The two V-necks I got last year at Urban Outfitters for $10 each. Not a steal for me, but still a good deal. The pink one has a really cute illustration on it of a girl in a little blue dress, surrounded by bunnies. It seems to be inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The blue one is just striped.

So, anyways, I guess that is all for now! Spring break is only a week away and I'll fer sure be updating a ton then. And working on a giant, life size painting of Gregory Lemarchal for art class. But that is a whole 'nother story.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

sea within a sea

I'll be doing a more real update later this week or this weekend. In the meantime, The Horrors continue to get more and more awesome. Less grunge-y, more psychadelic techno-ish.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

white man's melody

I have way, way, way too much energy right now! I don't know what's up, but I'm usually wiped out. Maybe it's because of the 10 hours of sleep I got last night (yes! even with losing an hour due to day light savings!). Or maybe it's the amazing vegan tofu I had for lunch. Either way, I just noticed I look a bit like a man in the first photo. Actually, I think I have a lot of energy today because I was completely dead yesterday. The air quality has been very low the past week, and so I was plagued with a headache for 4 of the 7 days. And also I babysat yesterday in the morning, which can be exhausting. Either way, I have a ton of energy and I really shouldn't waste it. (I'm not.)

Anyways, here is what I wore today. I've had no inspiration for normal outfits as of late, seeing as last week was spirit week & our school dressed up in funky costumes everyday. That took a lot of creativity to fit into some of the categories we had.
I got these pants a few weeks ago & matching pink ones, too. They stretch out a lot, by the end of the day. That's about the only con, though. I raided my sister's jewelry box today, & then cleaned out my own. I never, ever wear jewelry, so I put on a bunch of necklaces. Jewelry is not my thing.
Anyways, I have to go start on the insane amount of homework I have. Ugh. I'm such a terrible procrastinator.