Sunday, September 28, 2008

a cause de yelle

Today is one of those days when I just want to put on a hugely oversized tee shirt & a pair of tights and then curl up on the couch and watch '90s movies all day. Which reminds me, the French singer Yelle is my new fashion inspiration. Will try to channel her in my outfits for a bit time because my fashion needs some refreshing. Need to go shopping asap. Next weekend.

Today it's quite cold out so am wearing three layers of shirts including a button down and this huge, bulky sweater. I don't look so great, but at least I'm warm & comfy & can concentrate on homework (okay, well that statement started off true....).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best Dressed Male: Liam Aiken at "Kids for Kids"

Oh boy, I almost forgot to update about Liam Aiken & this amazing new outfit. He was at the "Kids for Kids" AIDS Carnival in New York last Saturday. Boots again! And some freaky skinny jeans....they're sort of yellow, but I like them. Most of all I love his hat, though, it looks so cute. I've come to realize that my wardrobe is missing one very vital piece: a plain black sweater (cardigan? - I hate that word). Will have to buy one & then walk around radiating Liam-ness. ps. how does one, who lives in Minnesota, not have a plain black sweater?

Mister Clark Kent

Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend so that I could buy him tons & tons of clothes. Oh wow, the life of a single girl. I wonder if I could pull off this Clark Kent shirt? ($30, Fred Flare - they got a ton of new stuff in, including some fierce winter knits!)

Has everyone seen the new penny? I'm so excited to go to Starbucks, get a hot chocolate, and have then give me a new penny. I've come to realize that I get most of my change from Starbucks.

I've been creating my fall/winter clothing-items-to-purchase list (including yellow rain boots, red plaid flannel shirt, & Doc Martens, not to mention a few uniform pieces for school) & my mum mentioned to me a pair of Doc Martens I had as a kid that I had totally forgotten about! They had lady bugs on them and were my absolute favourite boots - I wore them all the time! Apparently she found them for $15. Oh gosh, if only I could find a size 5 pair for that cheap. In other news, I found these killer pumps for $45 at DSW in a size 5.5 that fit like a glove. I almost cried when I had to leave the store without them.

ps. I've made note to myself to take more photos of my actual outfits for this blog, since it currently sucks & gets no readers.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inspired by Pac Man

So despite the semi-tacky Pac Man helmets, I actually really liked Giles Deacon's Spring 2009 line. His dresses are very refreshing. I especially like the above pink dress. There's something great about how the fabric looks. Also, the sleeves are absolutely beautiful and I love the shiny waist band thing (ack! lacking proper term!).
On another note, my prayers go out to Travis Barker, DJ AM, & the 4 people who did not make it out alive from the airplane crash. Travis & DJ AM are incredibely lucky to have survived such an event and I wish them both a successful recovery.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best Dressed Male: Liam Aiken at 'Igor' Premiere

So Liam Aiken is who I consider to be one of the best dressed male actors. He showed up at the Hollywood premiere of Igor last Saturday looking absolutely stellar.

Red skinny jeans. Black v-neck cardigan. Skinny black & white vertical striped tie. Black tie-up dress shoes with a huge white stripe. I'm going to faint, his outfit is so perfect.

Also, just to plug his music: Click here
ps. you might remember Liam from movies like 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', 'Sweet November', 'Stepmom', or 'Road to Perdition'

Friday, September 12, 2008

I want that teddy bear & I almost wish I was kidding.

Unfortunately, I genuinely would like to own a Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Emma Watson looks like an angel

Emma Watson always looks so elegant & mature in all those white dresses she's been wearing lately - I love her. And I'm loving the simple makeup that makes her features pop (innocently so). She achieved the whole angelic look again last night at the National Movie Awards. I love the touch of the ball-and-chain Chanel purse with the billowy Alexander McQueen dress which is to die for. I believe she's wearing Alexander McQueen peep-toe pumps, too. I love her star earrings - they make up for her killer posture that actually causes me pain.

However, I guess the dress wasn't closing right & when she went to present an award, the back unbuttoned and could not be fixed. For the after party she switched into this adorable outfit. It looks so cozy! Apparently Em got the note that fringe boots are "in style" this season. Huh. I love the cardigan and wrapped up scarf with the printed shorts, though. Why is it that she looks good in almost everything?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

scary taylor

Okay, so I know that I blog about Taylor Momsen a lot, but I honestly (used to?) really, really love her and her fashion. But is it just me, or is she headed in the majorly wrong direction? She is 15! 1-5!
Let's start with the makeup & hair. Whoever did her makeup should be shot. She looks like 25 cents a dance. The lip colour is gross - a weird glittery nude colour. Her eye makeup (black again - surprise!) is literally smeared across her eyes (raccoon, anyone?). It makes her look like a stoned drug addict. The fact that she never smiles anymore makes it worse & adds to the whole hung-over-look. Her hair! I loved her hair before....a lot! But what's up with the freaky Bangles-inspired mullet? It's really....creepy. But then again, it's a mullet, how is it not creepy?

I love her dress! The wrap-body and black skirt with a bit of a pouf. But it should be so much longer. Taylor always wears short dresses, I know, but this is just too much for me. Plus, she's so skinny! There were some very disturbing side shots of her where her back and shoulders were quite literally skin stretched over bones. Quickly losing respect for Taylor, sorry kid.