Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mister Clark Kent

Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend so that I could buy him tons & tons of clothes. Oh wow, the life of a single girl. I wonder if I could pull off this Clark Kent shirt? ($30, Fred Flare - they got a ton of new stuff in, including some fierce winter knits!)

Has everyone seen the new penny? I'm so excited to go to Starbucks, get a hot chocolate, and have then give me a new penny. I've come to realize that I get most of my change from Starbucks.

I've been creating my fall/winter clothing-items-to-purchase list (including yellow rain boots, red plaid flannel shirt, & Doc Martens, not to mention a few uniform pieces for school) & my mum mentioned to me a pair of Doc Martens I had as a kid that I had totally forgotten about! They had lady bugs on them and were my absolute favourite boots - I wore them all the time! Apparently she found them for $15. Oh gosh, if only I could find a size 5 pair for that cheap. In other news, I found these killer pumps for $45 at DSW in a size 5.5 that fit like a glove. I almost cried when I had to leave the store without them.

ps. I've made note to myself to take more photos of my actual outfits for this blog, since it currently sucks & gets no readers.

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