Saturday, February 28, 2009

mistaken identity

A long time ago I made the new year's resolution to update my Flickr twice a week. What. A. Lie. But I had an English project to do for the book "Farenheit 451" where we had to make an art project honouring one of the many themes of the novel. So I decided to do photography for the theme of a lost identity. I forgot how much I miss doing concept portraits! I had so much fun doing this shoot. There's something very freeing about doing concept photography.

So anyways, after uploading them to Flickr, I decided to put them on Deviantart despite my general dislike for the site. Someone commented on the above photo saying "May I make some suggestions?" I thought he/she meant suggestions about the photography. So being my naive self, I say "Sure?". The reply I got back was a suggestion that I do a slightly pornographic shoot (which included a lollipop, might I add). They had even sent me reference photos for poses & an outfit suggestion. I guess that is why I do not like Deviantart. Who would've known?

p.s. I'm only 15, for goodness sake.

Monday, February 23, 2009

hello kitty, hello world

I find this to be particularly yummy. Even the scary model running. And yes, even the half-naked men wearing shiny spandex pants and giant Hello Kitty heads. I would kill for one of those.

Doesn't it make you want to run out and buy MAC's new Hello Kitty line? Or not.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A time to love, and a time to hate

I have to put it out there that I love The Byrds & they're sense of style. Shiny shiny hair, sunglasses indoors, lots of suede and turtlenecks, the pudgy one in a poncho. Seriously, every photo he's in, that kid is wearing a poncho. It must be his safety poncho or something. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be green leather? Oh bad news, the one he wears in the video appears to be an entirely different from the green & brown suede one he wears in the below photos. He reminds me of Frodo Baggins or some other hobbit lost in the '60s. I still like they're fashion. Ponchos can be good.

They're really quite a good band, too. I'm not such of a fan of their later country stuff (aka all of their albums that I have on vinyl), but their folk rock is quite good. They made "Turn! Turn! Turn!" iconic, despite the fact that it is from the bible originally (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) & they didn't even put it to music.

P.S. here is a photo of the little one not in his poncho. He still looks like a hobbit. (Why couldn't I pick on the one who always wears sunglasses - clearly thinking that he is all that because of it?)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

up in the stars

Owl City is amazing live. If you like the bubbly beats and sparkly notes of electronica/pop music, definitely check him out. Owl City is the one man band of Adam Young, from Minnesota.

Even though he only played 5 songs, it was truly epic. They sounded more like remixes of his songs, so they were more for dancing. It was his first public show, and he was very nervous. Lots and lots of fun. The kid who played before him, Swimming with Dolphins (also one of Adam's side projects with a friend), was quite good too. There was this cute part where they turned off the back screen and everything, as though if he was done, and he says "Oh, uhm, I think I'm done." He did play another song after that, but it was adorable how nervous & awkward he was.

Anyways, that's all I have to say, actually. I'm going to go watch The Dreamers, a French movie with Louis Garrel. He's one of my favourite actors, and I'm trying to watch all of his films.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking one from the guys

Menswear is an incredibly beautiful (and sadly underrated) thing. The blazers, the suspenders, bowties, scarves, shoes, vests, cumberbunds, lapels....the list goes on! I've selected a few formal wear looks to highlight as some inspiration. Most looks are mainly black and white.

Model Sean Opry in Yves Saint Laurent. A silver scarf, black velvet jacket, and baggy grey pants.

Actor Liam Aiken at a movie premiere, wearing a red button down, thick argyle sweater vest, and blazer.

Models for Barney's, in gorgeous blazers/jackets. On the left, in a very unique green tie. On the right, in satin-y pants with a stripe up the leg's side.

Model Cole Mohr in Thom Browne S 09, wearing cropped, striped pants, a matching blazer, a khaki blazer, skinny tie, and cropped best.

Assorted models on the runway.

Unknown model at unknown show, wearing a heather grey blazer, tee shirt, and cumberbund.

Unknown model at unknown show, wearing boots, skinny pants, leather gloves, a chain, and loosened tie. Topped off with a satin-y top hat.

Two more models. On left, a velvet ensemble, white gloves, a popped collar, and bowtie. On right, a model wearing a long coat and matching pants.
I hope that this provided a bit of inspiration. I'm currently working on organizing a collection of daily wear (from men) and a couple of different collections from musicians.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

plaid & houndstooth.

It's getting really warm here! Lately, the high temperature has been like 40 degrees everyday! I love it & cannot wait for the summer. Or the spring, at the very least! It'll be nice to not have to layer up all of the time.

So this outfit...I'm wearing my Black Docs, my plaid blazer, black tights, red skinny belt and this amazing button down. It's my fathers (of course), and it has this glorious collar and glorious shirt tails and it's seriously beautiful. None of these photos do that shirt justice.

So has anyone seen He's Just Not That Into You? I'd really like to see it, but I have this problem where none of my friends like chick flicks. Hmmm.....something needs to be done about that. I've always really appreciated chick flicks. They're nice & trashy. Now & then they actually do have a hint of a message, but mostly they just make you feel all warm inside. Last night I watched Superbad for like the 6th time, with a bunch of friends. That movie just makes you feel dirty inside - but it's hilarious, so I'll put up with it.
I'll be updating later this week with some photos of inspiration, especially for menswear. Menswear is just so fabulous and really not appreciated enough by guys. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Conan, only in Sweden

I just really like Conan O'Brien & have been feeling rather down lately. This commercial is short, but funny. I've always found Conan hilarious - he can bring me out of any slump, and recently I've been especially sad.

By the way, did anyone see those leggings that Taylor Momsen wore to an event recently? (well obviously you have now, since there's a photo above...) They are gorgeous! And so are her shoes. But seriously, that shirt could be a bit longer - leggings are not pants! Either way, she's looking so much better than she was a month ago! A lot more healthy & young (but that's not saying much - ha!).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Quick Look at Doc Martens

So everytime I post a photo where I'm wearing my Docs, people flip and obsess about how awesome my Docs are. I absolutely love this, because Doc Martens are amazing and I enjoy all the adjectives people use to describe them. I've decided to devote this whole entry to my Docs & just Doc Martens in general. This will be an image heavy post - beware!

My Docs: I got my first pair of Doc Martens when I was a toddler. They were white with ladybugs on them, and my mother picked them up for me at Marshalls for only $15! Those Docs were my absolute favourite shoes and I got a lot of wear out of them.

Last September, I picked up a pair of white Docs at a local second hand store. I have very small feet (size 3 or 4), so I was thrilled to find that they fit perfectly at a size 4! The white Docs have a good 2-3" heel. Plus they were only $30 and lightly worn (but still broken in enough).

A couple of weeks ago I dropped into the same second hand store to drop off some old clothes. I decided to browse through their stuff for a few minutes before going to lunch, because they were having a 50% off sale. Right away I ran into a pair of black greasy Docs (greasy is the term used for the look of the leather - not smooth & not patent). I was amazed to find that they were a size 4, as well, and fit perfectly! For only $13, in came my next pair of Docs.

Next on my to buy list are floral boots, pink Pascals or pink patent boots, black/white wingtips, silver 3 eyelet Gibsons, and black patent boots. There are so many different styles out there that any pair I come across in my size will be hard to resist.

The History of Docs: There are so many different styles, colours, and prints of Doc Martens. Docs have been associated with many youth cultures including grungers, punks, and skinheads. They originated back in the 1940's, well known for their air-cushioned soles (given the nickname Bouncing Soles), created by Dr. Klaus Maertens, a doctor for the Germans during WWII. He had hurt his ankle and wanted a sole more comfortable than the ones in standard army boots. DMs are known well for their yellow stitching. Not only can you buy DM boots, but also sandals, flats, Mary Janes, and more! DMs are known for lasting forever, and are worth every cent you pay for them.

How to Wear Docs: Because I love to put focus on DMs clunkiness, I tend to wear them with tights or skinny jeans, which can be tucked into the boots. I personally do not recommend trying to fit pants over Docs, if you're wearing boots. There are many ways to tie (or not tie) Docs, so play around. You can also try different laces. For more inspiration, check out Lookbook's Docs Section. I've also posted many outfits throughout my blog where I am wearing Docs.

Images used: Taken by myself, from eBay, from Docs USA Store, or from Google.