Thursday, January 29, 2009

nerds are hot

And the outfit-ing continues! I should warn you that there's nothing particularly interesting about this outfit, except for the tee shirt which has Barbie on it & reads "Nerds Are Hot". It speaks the truth.

I wore this when I went clothes shopping, so I needed something easy to change in & out of. And also something that would keep me warm in the Minnesota cold - ha! fun. I've been dreaming of summer lately...So this was more cozy and comfort friendly. Anyways.....

So, has anyone been paying much attention to Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week? I usually don't care much about the runway or anything, but a few things caught my eye.

Valentino's S/S 09 line was decent, but I especially loved these two pieces! The cape is awesome - the bunchy hood is gorgeous, as is the dress. For the second piece, I love the gold with the blue. It's just very beautifully structured.

Chanel was pretty disappointing. The above dress caught my eye, but not much else. Usually Chanel is brilliant (plus I can relate to you Coco Chanel's entire life), but not so much this time around....
So sorry for the lame post, I have a couple better ones coming up soon, plus a couple more outfit posts from a while ago.

Monday, January 26, 2009

steamboat willie!

It feels so great to be consistently blogging again - and actually have something to blog about! I've been reading a ton of different blogs recently (if you wanna become link buddies, let me know - I've already listed some of my favourites in the sidebar) & have been so inspired by the bloggers. I also joined Weardrobe (link of my sidebar), which is utterly confusing, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Haha!

As promised, I took a bunch of photos of outfits I've worn over the past month or so, which I wanted to post about. Here is the first post featuring the photos...I'll spread the posts out over this week. For this outfit set, I dragged my puppy into my basement, only to find that he is afraid of the flash. Eh, he's still pretty cute, though. His name is Moses....and he's actually 5 years old, so calling him a puppy is generally an incorrect term.

The above is a mega scary shot, but I've been having fun jumping for photos. I later discovered that I had my hair pulled into pigtails for play practice earlier that day though, so my hair wasn't exactly doing anything epic.
So I should probably talk more about the outfit. I got this Mickey sweater from Fred Flare a few weeks ago. It's so soft and nice! Mickey is doing jazz hands. The only thing that bugs me is that his shoes are white, when they're supposed to be yellow. On the bright side, I have white Doc Martens which coincide quite nicely with Mickey's feet. This sweater is a real conversation piece.

I've been going through an obsession with grey (gray?) recently, so I had to wear grey jeans. I think a mostly grey outfit looks nice and washed out, so that other pieces (like my Docs or Mickey's shorts) can really pop. Then of course I wore my studded belt to the side, because seriously, belt buckles get in the way.

I think Moses really completes this ensemble.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

cosmic bowling.

First outfit photo I've taken in so so so long! It felt so weird, but Late Night with Conan was a repeat last night & I needed something to do. I'm wearing my father's blue plaid button down (which I got him for Christmas!), a blue checkered thermal (underneath), a pink skinny belt from H&M, black Docs which I scored at a second hand store for $13, and two pairs of tights - a pink pair & black fishnets with an awesome print.

Here's a better look at the tights. I really love them. And the Docs - not as cool as my white ones, but DMs are DMs so they're all awesome. Wearing Docs just make me feel better. Plus, they actually fit my size 4 feet, which is basically amazing! I was jumping in that photo, but my face expression was ridiculous, so naturally I had to crop that out.
The look is also on my Lookbook (link on right sidebar).
In other news, I got my SSAT scores back. I scored very much above average on reading & verbal, but only on the brink of average for math. How disasppointing. But I'm done with finals & start new classes on Monday, so that's for sure something to look forward too. And the new issue of Nylon finally came and I cannot wait to read that! I'll have more outfit photos soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have some dreadful news.

I was just informed that, despite what I thought, finals are this week & not next week. This means that I have 7 fewer days to study for 7 different finals.

This is terrible.

I won't be updating until next weekend. Unfortunately, the fact that I studied for finals this weekend also means that I didn't get in those outfit photos. I am a terrible blogger.

See you next weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Since no one really cares about Taylor Momsen or my schooling, I've decided to update so you don't have to read that boring other post (that video still confuses me, though). Instead, I will talk about the weather. Haha.

It's so unbearably cold here. I cannot begin to describe it. Just kidding...I can. It's the type of cold where you expect to see polar bears and peguins roaming about the streets. It's been -20 degrees farenheit, without wind chill added in, almost all week. I'm actually dreaming about the summer and boiling heat, but being so afraid of the cold that I'm wearing two layers of pants, a sweatshirt, and a jacket. This is the type of cold where you cannot wait until it gets just five degrees above zero. This is the type of cold where it's too cold to snow, when hot water pipes freeze, and when the wires for your earbuds freeze. When you say "screw fashion!" and layer on just about every sweater, scarf, and pair of long underwear in your entire closet. There's this rumour that Minnesotans can handle the cold best of those in the lower 48....that is a lie. Maybe.

I'll be updating this weekend with some outfits & other fashion related things. Yippee!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

it's only Tuesday?

I've always enjoyed Taylor Momsen & her antics. Prediction: she is the next Britney Spears.

I just got a ton of new clothes from the end of the year sales & such. I've just been way too lazy to take any photos. This weekend I will hopefully go on an outfit photo spree & redress in all of my past outfits that I didn't take photos of....and take photos of them. I swear, I will. I'm so bad about taking photos, gah!

In the meantime, I took my SSAT tests last Saturday. I sat diagonal from this kid with a rhyming name. Koon Hoon or something? Anyways, every 20 seconds or so he would make a soft grunting/moaning noise which was so so so weird & very distracting at first. Anyways, he was super fast with math. I know you're not supposed to notice those things when testing, but oh well. No one ever made eye contact or talked the entire 3 hour test, even during breaks. So creepy. Oh, except for this one boy who looked down at my bag while passing & mumbled 'cool bag'. But that was just awkward.

This is a photo from Teen Vogue a couple years ago. I really like his's two colours. I also like that it's belted with a tie. I think this is Logan Lerman...he was in this indie called Meet Bill which was pretty funny. He was also in Hoot and 3:10 to Yuma. Anyways, I've had this photo saved on my computer for a while & thought it was time to share it, since I love it so much. The last issue of Teen Vogue was disappointing, so I'm thriving on past issues right now....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

grey gardens is my home

You know when you're talking to the man who holds the key to the fate of your education and he asks who your heroes are and you tell him Little Edie & Big Edie because "they swear so much and it's hilarious"? That's when you know you just killed any chance of getting into one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country.

Then I went home and found a photo of Karl Lagerfeld in a magazine and it dawned on me - he's 69, looks gorgeous, is German, is king of the Chanel empire, is still wearing skinny jeans - why the heck didn't I mention him as my hero?

But what it worse - Little Edie & Big Edie or Karl Lagerfeld as your hero?

I have testing on Saturday morning and then there's a long wait until March 10 when I find out my fate - prep school or non?

note to self: it's high time to find some new heroes. Why can I not have normal heroes like normal people do?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I got tagged (for the first time!)

I got tagged by L.P.! I've never gotten Blogger tagged before, this is exciting.

Here're the rules:
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

I took this photo in September (2008) with my old Sony camera. It was shortly before it got too cold for the bees so I went out to get some photos on the sunny day. They were moving so slow because it was already getting a bit chilly (seriously, I live in Minnesota, what do you expect?). I wasn't using flash or a fast shutter speed, so when I took this photo, my little bee pal buzzed away. So, of course, he turned out all blurry. But I still really love this photo, and I don't quite know why. I cannot wait to go out this spring & get more photos with my newer camera (which has better focus). However, right near that flower there was a giant spider nestled away and I almost died.
Now I tag...Kuhi, Hazel, Isabel, & Kelly. You know that sad thing that happens when you go to tag someone only to find that they've already been tagged? Well, it's sad.
On another note, I have finished the essays for the school I'm applying to, had my interview today, and have my testing on Saturday. The process is so so so close to being over, I can feel it! Then I just have a semi-tedious wait till March 10, when I find out my fate.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

new years resolutions in pink & blue

cause for such an outfit: Pretty in Pink, The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, Sixteen Candles aka '80s movie day
I've decided to make some new year's resolutions, write them down, and put them away in my sock drawer. Because that is simply the type of thing you put in your sock drawer. And I swear I will actually stick to them this year. They go as follows:
1. Post more photos of my outfits. Seriously, everyday that I don't have school I wear something. Why never post photos? (and then when I do it's something ridiculously ugly like what I wore today)
2. Update my Flickr twice a week with new photos.
3. Take better care of my skin - hydrate, moisturize, keep my hair out of the way, whatever I need to do to clear up my skin.
4. Exercise twice a week for 20 minutes. I don't ever have gym and I never never get any exercise (my roomate took the Playstation, so I can never play DDR which was my only form of exercise before - pathetic).
5. Get rid of clothes I do not wear!!!!!!
6. Get outside more often!
7. Pray more often. Not just in church.
8. Study for tests and stop procrastinating with school work.
There, those are my resolutions that I will keep, I swear I will. In the meantime, I feel rather gross in this outfit & must change immediately. And finish an art assignment. And an essay. School tomorrow! Oh how I am dreading it. On the bright side, I just ordered some clothes from year end sales at certain websites & eagerly await the arrival of those.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

8 Movies That Changed My Life (Part 2 of 2)

This is part two of 8 Movies I Saw in 2008 That Changed My Life. The first part can be read here. This half will feature the last 4 movies, in addition to the previously listed (Elephant, The Object of my Affection, Dans Paris, Grey Gardens).

Quebec's 2005 film C.R.A.Z.Y. remains one of my favourite French-language films ever seen. Featuring Marc-Andre Grondin and a stellar soundtrack, this extroadinary film is about a young man named Zachary, raised in a Roman Catholic family, struggling to accept his true nature but also fit in amongst his 4 brothers. Earning the love of his father proves to be more difficult as Zachary questions his sexuality and his religion, rebelling against everything he was raised for. C.R.A.Z.Y. remains clever and unique, avoiding cheesy scenarios and stereotypes. It changed the way I thought - of religion, of sexuality, of family relationships - and is a must see for everyone.

One of the most powerful love stories I have ever heard is that portrayed in Un Long Dimanche de Fiancailles (A Very Long Engagement) between Mathilde & Manech. Seperated during time of war, Mathilde sets out on a desperate, heartfelt search for her fiance Manech, who was proven to be killed in No Man's Land. The task is not easy, as she speaks to fellow survivors who fought alongside her fiance and even visits the supposed grave of Manech. A Very Long Engagement is truly a story true love and hope that refuses to die.

Louis Garrel and Christophe Honore come together again for 2007's Les Chansons D'Amour (Love Songs). The film is featured in 3 parts: The Departure, The Absense, & The Return (of love, as I see it). The film begins as centering around 3 characters - Ismael, Julie, and Alice - who form a threesome. After the loss of love, Ismael meets a boy named Erwann, who, essentially, becomes infatuated with Ismael. Love Songs is a beautiful film which incorporates songs of love and (much like Dans Paris) studies how humans deal with loss.

1980's obnoxiously politically incorrect film Airplane! is the only intended comedy to grace this list and is one of my favourite movies of all time. In this disaster film spoof, the passengers and pilots aboard an airplane get food poisoning and a tramautized ex-pilot is left to conduct an emergency landing. Airplane! is absolutely hilarious and essentially nothing more than very good laughs. Maybe it didn't deal with human frality or anything deep like that, but it remains throughout pop culture as a must see film.
There were a couple more films that I wanted to add to the list, but 8 in 2008 is the perfect amount. I still encourage people to see the movies - Le Dernier Jour & Wild Tigers I Have Known - even though I did not prominently feature them. I hope everyone enjoyed this & I look forward to reading what you have to say about these movies!