Thursday, January 15, 2009


Since no one really cares about Taylor Momsen or my schooling, I've decided to update so you don't have to read that boring other post (that video still confuses me, though). Instead, I will talk about the weather. Haha.

It's so unbearably cold here. I cannot begin to describe it. Just kidding...I can. It's the type of cold where you expect to see polar bears and peguins roaming about the streets. It's been -20 degrees farenheit, without wind chill added in, almost all week. I'm actually dreaming about the summer and boiling heat, but being so afraid of the cold that I'm wearing two layers of pants, a sweatshirt, and a jacket. This is the type of cold where you cannot wait until it gets just five degrees above zero. This is the type of cold where it's too cold to snow, when hot water pipes freeze, and when the wires for your earbuds freeze. When you say "screw fashion!" and layer on just about every sweater, scarf, and pair of long underwear in your entire closet. There's this rumour that Minnesotans can handle the cold best of those in the lower 48....that is a lie. Maybe.

I'll be updating this weekend with some outfits & other fashion related things. Yippee!


Kelly said...

yay! outfit pics!
and i did enjoy your post with the taylor momsen video.

hazel said...

i am so jealous you have no idea
i adore freezing weather. below freezing. the coldest of the cold. i'm not getting any snow here, just cold. i really, really...REALLY want snow. we got a few flurries today...but that's nothing!

Magenpie said...

The way that you describe the weather conditions you are living in at the moment make how cold it is here in Lodon sound like summer time!

Mary said...

It is freezing right here too, I feel your pain.
I offer you virtual mittens & grilled cheese sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

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