Sunday, January 4, 2009

new years resolutions in pink & blue

cause for such an outfit: Pretty in Pink, The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, Sixteen Candles aka '80s movie day
I've decided to make some new year's resolutions, write them down, and put them away in my sock drawer. Because that is simply the type of thing you put in your sock drawer. And I swear I will actually stick to them this year. They go as follows:
1. Post more photos of my outfits. Seriously, everyday that I don't have school I wear something. Why never post photos? (and then when I do it's something ridiculously ugly like what I wore today)
2. Update my Flickr twice a week with new photos.
3. Take better care of my skin - hydrate, moisturize, keep my hair out of the way, whatever I need to do to clear up my skin.
4. Exercise twice a week for 20 minutes. I don't ever have gym and I never never get any exercise (my roomate took the Playstation, so I can never play DDR which was my only form of exercise before - pathetic).
5. Get rid of clothes I do not wear!!!!!!
6. Get outside more often!
7. Pray more often. Not just in church.
8. Study for tests and stop procrastinating with school work.
There, those are my resolutions that I will keep, I swear I will. In the meantime, I feel rather gross in this outfit & must change immediately. And finish an art assignment. And an essay. School tomorrow! Oh how I am dreading it. On the bright side, I just ordered some clothes from year end sales at certain websites & eagerly await the arrival of those.


Kuhi said...

Hey Chloe! it's Kuhi .. Awsome blog ;)
and awsome resolutions.
And i love the photo as well

Kelly said...

Most of your resolutions are a lot like mine...all of them except the Flickr one actually since I don't use Flickr...
I like the outfit! the blue and pink look fabulous together and I LOVE the red belt!

L.P. said...

Nice pants. I've tagged you. Feel special. :)

Isabel said...

Awesome outfit! I am looking forward to more outfit posts! Yay!

hazel said...