Friday, July 31, 2009

ditch him or die, hipster scum

...And I went on an unannounced hiatus. Oops. I was expecting to have more free time than I did. Well, I guess I never mentioned this, but I had an exchange student from France come stay with me for most of July. He left yesterday and I already miss him very much. His name was Alexandre and he was extremely funny and creative. We went shopping a lot and he likes to go into a store 3 times before purchasing anything. We spent the majority of our days in American Apparel, so I now know where everything is in that store & am even familiar with several of the employees.

Anyways, on one of our shopping expeditions to Urban Outfitters, I ran across this (pictured) tee shirt in the men's section. I squealed so loud and just about died laughing. "Die Hipster Scum" ohhh myyyy. So, naturally I had to buy it, despite the smallest size being a M (when I am a women's XS).

Ahhh, it's too hilarious. Anyways, I was just hanging around the house today, so I skipped the pants and just went for socks. They're my sister's socks (I would never pay $25 for socks even if they were Juicy Couture & even if they did say "Ditch Him") but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's ever worn them.
By the way, some people asked how tall I I guess I can let you in on this little secret. I'm a little over 5 feet tall. Yes! I'm so short. It's really not a fun height to be when your biggest dream, since you were just a little tyke looking through Target ads, has been to be a model. I've never had a growth spurt in my life. Besides being little over 5 feet tall, I have a shoe size of 4....which makes finding shoes ridiculously difficult (& sometimes impossible). So now I have a question for you - how tall did you think I was?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ces bottes sont faites pour marcher

Chadwick Tyler is such a phenomenal photographer. His series of photos done with Supreme Models Agency is especially wonderful (though somewhat haunting, as all the models are gaunt and sickly looking). This photo above, combined with the photo Tyler took of Cecilia Mendez (below), inspired my most recent photographed outfit.

Although I don't have their totally kickin' white cowboy boots (or 5'9", size 00 bodies), I decided to drag out my own boots which I bought some many years ago from the sales rack in the kid's section of Marshall Field's (R.I.P.). Since then they've been worn probably about 5 times and (at a size 3) are getting too small for my feet! So now I whip them out at every opportunity I get.

I found the idea of pairing shorts with boots somewhat risky. After a girl from my school wore brown knee-high, pointy toed boots paired with khaki cargo shorts, I was somewhat hesitant to give it a go. But I liked the way it looked in Chadwick Tyler's photos. The cut offs were once a pair of my sister's jeans from Delia's (5 sizes too big for me) and I bought the shirt at Target a few years ago. Target does not know how to cut a shirt and the sleeves are very, very awkward. My cowboy boots are Steve Madden.

The jeans also have a very cool embroidered detail on the back. I really like the wash of these jeans. This outfit works really great for the Minnesota summers, which are rarely boiling hot and often have a slight breeze.
Anyways, today I signed up for classes at the college I'm going to next year. I'm still in high school (a junior) but I'm taking college courses instead. I'll be taking karate (required phy. ed. credit), photography (film!), US history (requirement for graduation), and French. So basically only two classes that will fill requirements. Haha! That means next semester I'll be taking biology, geography, english, and math. Oy vey.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

you lazy hipsters make me sick

My basement has reared its ugly head again! I ventured down there for photos today, braving the insects and mice. Since no one goes down there anymore, the place was all cobwebby and gross. I almost felt bad for it. Anyways, I've been all inspired out lately (and sick, but that's a different story) so it has been a week of tee shirts and skinny jeans. Which is what this is, now that I think of it. huh....

There's something almost Clark Kent-ish about the way I'm ripping my denim shirt open to reveal the much-too-large-for-me Beatles shirt. Except I'm giving the camera my sick puppy dog stare (which seems to be the only face expression I can form lately *cough* header *cough*) and my hair is a mess. For whatever reason I woke up, patted my hair down with some water, and then wandered downstairs to take these photos. Afterwards I did my hair and went to watch Gilmore Girls. Damn, I'm lazy sometimes. In fact, I'm so lazy that I cannot even be bothered to open up iTunes. Instead I have my iPod on shuffle, loaded onto a dock in the other room, & simply have the sound turned up really loud so I can hear it. Why am I even like this?