About Me + Urban Tease

Hello and welcome to Urban Tease, a personal style blog started July 11, 2008. I originally started Urban Tease as a way to collect my thoughts and findings on fashion and thus develop my own personal style. Urban Tease has been a journey, started by a slightly confused 15 year old girl attending a uniformed school by day and playing dress up by night.

Since 2008, I've been posting my thoughts on current fashion trends, my DIY failures and successes, and wishful shopping lists featuring $200 pairs of shoes. The blog has also hosted many "What I Wore" posts, featuring the outfit that I wore in that day, with commentary on why I wore it and how I felt about it. All of this has been a part of a complex coming of age journey, coming to the conclusion that is is okay to be you. You are wonderful, inside and out, regardless of what you wear.

So who am I? My name is Chloe. I hail from St. Paul, Minnesota where I attend university as a Communications student (with minors in design and French). I have a special interest in the 1920s, Molly Ringwald, mixing patterns, Christmas, not wearing pants, watching Fred Astaire movies, writing love poems on the back of school assignments, cute boys, reading Fitzgerald, and being overly optimistic.

In 2012, I began transforming Urban Tease into a creative platform with the intention of exploring the self rather than just personal style. This transformation came as I began to grow and became concerned about more than how I look. I came to realise that I could use my blog as a platform for so much more than why I wear what I wear. It is now my goal to inspire people to be more than just fashionable.

As of 2012, I have chosen to not include photos of fashion models on Urban Tease. I wish for the blog to be a place of 100% authenticity, where people can be who they are and not worry about being bombarded by Photoshop. The fashion world is one where being 5'10" and maintaining a 24" waist is ideal for "looking good" in clothing. Urban Tease is not affiliated with the fashion world. It is affiliated with the real world. As part of this, I hosted the Summer of Sundresses as a way to show real people being stylish in their own unique ways. I look forward to further features such as this one.

Over the years I've been featured in a number of online media sources, other blogs, and printed press. Below are a few selections: