Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I drank the river, swallowing her every tear

You may be looking at this photo & thinking, "SPRING IS HERE, HOLLA!" But just hold your little springtime horses!! The fact that I am indeed wearing cut off shorts is not to say it's springtime, but rather to say that I am so eager for the sun's warm rays & to not have to wear pants, that I will indeed suffer the cold in order to do so. As I was leaving the movie theater tonight (where I saw "Jane Eyre" - excellently depressing), little white snowflakes were drifting down to tickle my nose and tangle themselves through my hair. Oh! how I adore thee, Minnesota.

Anyways, I wore this yesterday to class. It was cold. I won't bother saying anything more about the weather as I'm sure many people clicked away after my very obnoxious opening sentence.

These shorts are from pants that were my sister's. They don't fit me in the waist (they're a size 5), but with a belt, they'll suffice. I don't believe I actually asked my sister before cutting them, so hopefully she's okay with it/doesn't notice.

Moses sighting! My clumsy little puppy was getting up to no good in the "garden" (read: the muddy part of the yard which is too dead & cold for even weeds to grow in) so I pulled him aside for some photos. He was actually feeling obedient today & was very nicely "sitting" and "staying" for a good 4 minutes before running off into the neighbour's yard. He does this because he knows I'll yell at him like crazy, finally give up, and give him a biscuit to go back inside. And furthermore, he knows I won't be angry at him because he's just too damned cute.

I snagged this belt from my pop's closet. I'm pretty sure he's had it since I was 5 & surprisingly this is the first time I've worn it. It wraps around my body nearly twice, but look! There's a weird bird/swan/goose/egret thing within the tribal print! Obviously juxtaposes with the sword-through-the-skull quite nicely.

This jacket is from my mum's closet. She's had it since she was pregnant with either me or my older sister, meaning it's possibly 22 years old. I know how much you kids dig vintage, so I threw this in to please the masses. Both of my 'rents are big fans of the whole "tribal print" trend.

I've just realised that this outfit is very family oriented. The pants were my sister's, the belt is my father's, the jacket is my mother's. Even my precious puppy made an appearance today. If I had made this connection before, I would've worn my cat as a very furry hat.

And since I know all you hipsters are dying to know about my cool new moccasins, they were a product of shopping with my father. Not only do my parents love tribal print, but they're also borderline obsessed with moccasins and anything "native." I've pretty much always owned a pair of moccasins growing up, so it was only natural that my pops snatched these from the sale section of DSW and demanded I buy them for myself (yeah, he didn't even offer to pay).

I will end this with another photo of my number one boy. Don't you just want to pinch those chubby little cheeks?!

Yeah, Moses is completely unamused by me. As are most men.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a night at the opera

My brief absence here was a cause of the arts - the operatic arts, to be exact. I don't know if going to the opera is what the "cool kids" are up to these days, but my new opera habit just goes to show what kind of kid I am! On Sunday I saw "Die Fledermaus" at my university, and then spent a lovely Thursday evening with fellow Minnesotan art bloggers at the Ordway Theater in downtown St. Paul, watching the Minnesota Opera's production of "Wuthering Heights."

I hadn't read "Wuthering Heights" beforehand and now I don't think I'd like to! The story is so dark, so dreary and hopeless...and so, only naturally, I adored every second of it.

I've never been to a theater production quite so much like a movie before! They used a special type of screen effect which allowed for eery lighting overlays and a whole ton of creepiness. The entire production was breathtaking, as was all the music and singing (which was composed by Bernard Herrmann of Psycho, Citizen Cane, & Taxi Driver fame). I was suprised to learn that this was the first time in 30 years that this particular opera has been performed!

Photo credit to Michal Daniel & the Minnesota Opera

Also at the event was a girl named Caitlin who is the editor of the up & coming Crooked Teeth Magazine which you definitely should take a look at! There might be a surprise in store related for the next issue....!

Anyways, since this is a fashion blog, I should stop dorking out about the opera and instead discuss what I wore to it! After I got home from class and a Target shopping trip on Wednesday, I began this skirt! I'd bought the fabric a few months ago and just never got around to actually making the garment. I spent the entire night and part of Thursday working on it. The fabric liked to curl up around the edges, so setting the waistband in and hemming the bottom ended up being a nightmare! In the end, since time was running out, I decided to forego a "professional" look and settled for semi-shoddy craftsmanship.

I paired the skirt with a vintage blouse, my new-ish belt from Motel Rocks, my faux leather H&M jacket, and a black lace slip. I actually wore black booties to the event. I let my date choose & he went for the booties, but now I wish I'd worn these gold ones! They make the belt pop better. The purse is Nine West from Macy's, which I got for something ridiculously cheap like $16. Sales are my best friend and also my worst enemy.

Ever since that incredibly dark production, the weather has taken a turn for the worst. I woke up this morning to snow on the ground (welcome to Minnesota) and today is horribly drizzly and gusty. I should have predicted this. I took the entire week off from work, and the weather always gets absolutely horrid when it knows I'll have a chance to be out in it!

Furthermore, last week I woke up with my throat absolutely swollen up and I couldn't swallow or talk. I skipped class and opted for the doctor, which ended up being a good choice because I was diagnosed with both strep throat and mono/glandular fever. They had to take a blood test to determine the mono, which left me lying in the office bawling my eyes out like a little baby. I'm so terrified of needles and blood! Anyways, needless to say, my energy is absolutely spent & I wish I could spend the days lying in bed sleeping, not running all over the Twin Cities. But if I must be running around, at least let it be to the opera!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it's gotta be rock'n'roll music

I wore this last Sunday when traipsing up and down Lake Street, Minneapolis with my best friend. It's a largely latino part of the city, so we chowed down some pretty good food and I got my favourite Jarritos grapefruit pop - or soda, if you're weird (& in my opinion, non-midwestern folk are very strange indeed).

This outfit also attracted quite a few catcalls and guys rolling down their windows (as if they cannot see perfectly well through glass, as it is). Boys are silly.

As you can see (though are probably not as thrilled as I am), the snow has vanished! It's terrific and I actually walked home after class today. The springtime is invigorating, once you get past all that muddy, melting snow shit. Now I can begin with my resolution to start running (yeah, remember that?)! I'm nervous about it, considering I was quite worn out after my half mile walk home today. It might have to do with lack of sleep and food (Wednesdays!) but it is probably because I've been a big, sleepy bear all winter.

As for the details of this outfit, which I'm sure you're absolutely dying to know, the skirt is from Heritage 1981. I snagged it from the sale rack for $5 last spring. I just love the shape and structure of it! I could dork out about it more, but I won't. But I will say, it is also mega short, much like me. The button down is from Macy's. The belt from my great-aunt, the socks from DSW, and the booties are Steve Madden. Oh, and if you refer to the photo below, the faux leather jacket is H&M. I haven't been shopping in ages, but I feel like I need to. The spring lines are already selling out and I don't need any more clothes, so it seems like the perfect time for some shopping.

Oh oh! Before I forget now, the lipstick I'm wearing in these photos is Centrifuchsia from the ever-so-amazing Lime Crime Makeup! I was also wearing their lipstick in my last outfit post, babydoll. There I was wearing My Beautiful Rocket and Retrofuturist. I'll do a more formal post on this all later, as I'm now addicted to their sugary sweet lipsticks.

I've been 3 weeks behind in all my classes, but today I had a few exams (on stuff I'd never seen before, isn't that a great feeling?!) so I can move on and catch back up (theoretically). Part of me feels like I should be more concerned with my classes & grades. Another part of me is glad I don't let the little things get me down!

So now, nap time can commence! I've been trying to decide what movie to watch. There're so many good nap time movies - Bridget Jones, When Harry Met Sally, Harry Potter...but part of me really just wants to watch Disney! I've spent the past week listening exclusively to Disney songs. Yes, that's what I use YouTube for, now. For watching "Colours of the Wind" and "Be Our Guest" and "A Whole New World" on repeat over and over and over again. It's too bad I don't actually own any of the Disney movies! But then again, if I did, none of my other DVDs would get any play....!