Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it's gotta be rock'n'roll music

I wore this last Sunday when traipsing up and down Lake Street, Minneapolis with my best friend. It's a largely latino part of the city, so we chowed down some pretty good food and I got my favourite Jarritos grapefruit pop - or soda, if you're weird (& in my opinion, non-midwestern folk are very strange indeed).

This outfit also attracted quite a few catcalls and guys rolling down their windows (as if they cannot see perfectly well through glass, as it is). Boys are silly.

As you can see (though are probably not as thrilled as I am), the snow has vanished! It's terrific and I actually walked home after class today. The springtime is invigorating, once you get past all that muddy, melting snow shit. Now I can begin with my resolution to start running (yeah, remember that?)! I'm nervous about it, considering I was quite worn out after my half mile walk home today. It might have to do with lack of sleep and food (Wednesdays!) but it is probably because I've been a big, sleepy bear all winter.

As for the details of this outfit, which I'm sure you're absolutely dying to know, the skirt is from Heritage 1981. I snagged it from the sale rack for $5 last spring. I just love the shape and structure of it! I could dork out about it more, but I won't. But I will say, it is also mega short, much like me. The button down is from Macy's. The belt from my great-aunt, the socks from DSW, and the booties are Steve Madden. Oh, and if you refer to the photo below, the faux leather jacket is H&M. I haven't been shopping in ages, but I feel like I need to. The spring lines are already selling out and I don't need any more clothes, so it seems like the perfect time for some shopping.

Oh oh! Before I forget now, the lipstick I'm wearing in these photos is Centrifuchsia from the ever-so-amazing Lime Crime Makeup! I was also wearing their lipstick in my last outfit post, babydoll. There I was wearing My Beautiful Rocket and Retrofuturist. I'll do a more formal post on this all later, as I'm now addicted to their sugary sweet lipsticks.

I've been 3 weeks behind in all my classes, but today I had a few exams (on stuff I'd never seen before, isn't that a great feeling?!) so I can move on and catch back up (theoretically). Part of me feels like I should be more concerned with my classes & grades. Another part of me is glad I don't let the little things get me down!

So now, nap time can commence! I've been trying to decide what movie to watch. There're so many good nap time movies - Bridget Jones, When Harry Met Sally, Harry Potter...but part of me really just wants to watch Disney! I've spent the past week listening exclusively to Disney songs. Yes, that's what I use YouTube for, now. For watching "Colours of the Wind" and "Be Our Guest" and "A Whole New World" on repeat over and over and over again. It's too bad I don't actually own any of the Disney movies! But then again, if I did, none of my other DVDs would get any play....!


Sara said...

you totally rocked that outfit! i love it :)

Erika said...

Loving the skirt and the tights, so cute!

TMaraxo said...

Love this outfit super cute! I want everything! lol


Elaine said...

You're just so gorgeous!!!!

Alysha E. Marie said...

Such a cutecutecute outfit!
I am loving those tights, they are just absolutely adorable. :)
&& those boots too.
I really like your blog, I look forward to the postings.

Melai said...

I love your tights and boots :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Bad Taste Toast said...

Yay for Disney movies! I can always recommend one of my favourites: Peter Pan! It's good to fall asleep and it's also good when you're awake and watch it until the end :)
Your outfit is very very pretty once again! I love that with the jacket and boots it has a rocker feel and without the jacket it looks a bit more "good girl". And your hair is always so lovely!
Good luck for putting your running resolution into action!

Sarah Dee said...

Me and my roommate are up in cloud and we were laughing so hard when we read this because we really think we need to meet you! we watch disney movies (and listen to the soundtracks)
Ive always wanted to try lime crime, cant wait for the post =)

Go minnesota bloggers!
<3 Sarah

erica marie said...

I'm in love with everything about this outfit. Your hair is gorgeous and your lip color is amazing.

Gin Kelly said...

You are so pretty and your style is great girl <3!!! By the way for your comment yes the heels looks like 80's ;)

Marley said...

that skirt is lovely on you, dear!

and for what it's worth, i don't think you're plain-looking at all. you're very interesting looking in a very pretty way :]

creepy style blog

Laura Natalie said...

beatiful, as always :)
I especially love your leather jacket, h&m has always some cool clothes and they look so good on you! :) ♥

also, i would like to tell you one big thank you for commenting on my blog :) im happy ive found someone like you, because all those well known bloggers try to wear expensive brands and you just wear your docs and look amazing! :)
btw, ive sent you a mail, you can find it, with a link of my blog wheres a post about you :)
dont wanna look like an asslicker (well, does this word really exist? thats what google said!), i just wanna tell you how much you inspire me :)

Laura Natalie said...

...and watch harry, hes the best :)
always takes me back to my childish times, when i believed im a witch :D

Laura Natalie said...

okay, my friend said its - butt-innner... :D never mind :) xx

Jennyboo said...

I am totally loving the boots and socks with the mini skirt! It goes so well together my dear. Bridget Jones really is the best nap time movie. I've seen it so many times, half of which I have fallen asleep mid movie. xoxo

carrie jade said...

LOVE this outfit. i love the blues and neutrals! fav combo. and your lips pop out so much against it :) you are absolutely adorable.

gosh, disney movies. haven't watched the old ones in ages! i feel like if i did now, i'd see them a whole lot differently. like, perspective-wise. like, watching peter pan made me bothered because peter was too obnoxious for my tastes. ahaha

Mariel Torres said...

i LOVE the blue skirt... and that leather jacket is perfect!