Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I drank the river, swallowing her every tear

You may be looking at this photo & thinking, "SPRING IS HERE, HOLLA!" But just hold your little springtime horses!! The fact that I am indeed wearing cut off shorts is not to say it's springtime, but rather to say that I am so eager for the sun's warm rays & to not have to wear pants, that I will indeed suffer the cold in order to do so. As I was leaving the movie theater tonight (where I saw "Jane Eyre" - excellently depressing), little white snowflakes were drifting down to tickle my nose and tangle themselves through my hair. Oh! how I adore thee, Minnesota.

Anyways, I wore this yesterday to class. It was cold. I won't bother saying anything more about the weather as I'm sure many people clicked away after my very obnoxious opening sentence.

These shorts are from pants that were my sister's. They don't fit me in the waist (they're a size 5), but with a belt, they'll suffice. I don't believe I actually asked my sister before cutting them, so hopefully she's okay with it/doesn't notice.

Moses sighting! My clumsy little puppy was getting up to no good in the "garden" (read: the muddy part of the yard which is too dead & cold for even weeds to grow in) so I pulled him aside for some photos. He was actually feeling obedient today & was very nicely "sitting" and "staying" for a good 4 minutes before running off into the neighbour's yard. He does this because he knows I'll yell at him like crazy, finally give up, and give him a biscuit to go back inside. And furthermore, he knows I won't be angry at him because he's just too damned cute.

I snagged this belt from my pop's closet. I'm pretty sure he's had it since I was 5 & surprisingly this is the first time I've worn it. It wraps around my body nearly twice, but look! There's a weird bird/swan/goose/egret thing within the tribal print! Obviously juxtaposes with the sword-through-the-skull quite nicely.

This jacket is from my mum's closet. She's had it since she was pregnant with either me or my older sister, meaning it's possibly 22 years old. I know how much you kids dig vintage, so I threw this in to please the masses. Both of my 'rents are big fans of the whole "tribal print" trend.

I've just realised that this outfit is very family oriented. The pants were my sister's, the belt is my father's, the jacket is my mother's. Even my precious puppy made an appearance today. If I had made this connection before, I would've worn my cat as a very furry hat.

And since I know all you hipsters are dying to know about my cool new moccasins, they were a product of shopping with my father. Not only do my parents love tribal print, but they're also borderline obsessed with moccasins and anything "native." I've pretty much always owned a pair of moccasins growing up, so it was only natural that my pops snatched these from the sale section of DSW and demanded I buy them for myself (yeah, he didn't even offer to pay).

I will end this with another photo of my number one boy. Don't you just want to pinch those chubby little cheeks?!

Yeah, Moses is completely unamused by me. As are most men.


Sara said...

i love your outfit! very chic :)


She is Sara said...

Oh my I have not been to your blog in so long! I suck!!

I truly love this look, shorts, tights & tribal? I want! :)


Plumeuphoria said...

I love your outfit - very Native American inspired.

Check out my feather pieces and dream catchers.



tess said...

love the mocs, they look so comfortable

shinythings63 said...

I love raiding the family closet for clothes/accessories! And those moccasins are perhaps my new favorite thing. ever.

-marta said...

sjfheijwah YOUR JACKET. I'm in such love its nuts, that print is insane! :D

ps; late reply to your question on my post: I'm heading to Serbia, Amsterdam, Paris, plus another place in France which is still debatable. Maybe adding more spots as I go along!


Anonymous said...

the last picture is adorable!

what about the sweater ö ?

Maria N said...

I love this look, soo urban.. especially the shorts, gotta luv dem :)



Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Our dogs should get married and we can throw them a wedding..

although my doggies are boys as well.
perhaps I didn't think this one out.

You are a peachling and you are a vision. xo

Marley said...

YOUR PUGGY IS ADORABLE <3 Mine is old and he'd never let me hold him like that, so you're lucky :D The coat is ace too.

(and thank you! :])

S and O said...

Cute outfit!
I love those shorts + those moccasin boots are adorable!

Ebony Bolt said...


Ashley said...

Those shoes are so ridiculously awesome. I love everything about this outfit, actually. It's right up my alley, especially the denim shorts and prints. Oh, and I've just gotta add: you're absolutely stunning. If we ever happen to meet up sometime (same state and all, you know...and yeah, damn that snow. It keeps confusing me. It is almost May...right?), I'd love to photograph you.

Now I just sound like a creep.

Anyway. Moving on...!

Alexandra said...

I love the detail in this outfit. The picture on the shorts to the printed belt and jacket. Its all so different but it all works!

Your dog is so cute.

Allysa Rismaya said...

hey i'm a fashion blogger from indonesia...and i want to have an interview to you.....would you like it?

Cynthia Bagué said...

w-o-w. The boots and the jacket are simply amazing...


Michelle's Style File said...

You have THE BEST poses. So natural! Great outfit.


Laura Natalie said...

I know this post is here for a while, but couldnt comment sooner, im sorry :)

so, here i go... i love this. as always love all your outfits.
you know, its funny, because i cant imagine a person wearing that jacket, but its looks so good on you! think you could wear a sack and you would look awesome and cool as always... great great :)

Brianna said...

I saw you today at the may day parade and wanted to like OMG I READ YOUR FASHION BLOG! ALSO HOW THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING SHORTS AND STILL ALIVE?
but then i didn't. but you looked nice. cold. but nice. :D

happy may day!


OnTheRacks said...

Just came across your blog -- love your style. And you have amazing hair!! <3

xx Laura