Monday, May 2, 2011

lipstick & other vices

I recently bought six new lipsticks, and since I love playing dress up and making faces for the camera, I thought, "Why not post about them?" There's also the fact that it's May 2nd and there're little snowflakes in the air, so I've been choosing to stay indoors wearing thigh high socks and hoodies (except for an escape to the Mayday Festival yesterday, in which I froze my toes and fingers off, and ate a gyro [and as a side note for any locals - if you see me out & about, please say 'hey!' and introduce yourself!]).

I was super excited to try out Lime Crime lipsticks! I got three colours - Retrofuturist, My Beautiful Rocket, and Centrifuchsia, as pictured above. I'm now obsessed with these - they're super opaque, vibrant, and pigmented. They blend & layer well, as well. But the best part? The bright, glittery packaging (complete with unicorns!) and the fact that they smell like powdered sugar (and I love sugar).

My Beautiful Rocket is a tangerine-orange colour. It's super opaque, which is the best part, and I love wearing it with a thin layer of red on top. That being said, it looks brilliant on it's own. The idea of orange lipstick never really occured to me, but it's definitely a lot of fun and a nice pop.

Retrofuturist is a very true, all-skin-tone-friendly red colour. Reds are definitely difficult to find in the perfect shade (matching skin tones is such a hassle), so I must say this is probably the ideal red! It's got a great flapper-vibe to it because of how opaque it is.

Centrifuchsia is the last of the 3 I sampled from Lime Crime. It's a very deep neon pink which, due to its pigmentation, is hard to come by in drugstore quality make up. I feel like this one is particularly long-lasting and the colour is the perfect pop of girly-ness.

Next up, I gave the new Bite line at Sephora a whirl. Because I'm horrible at making decisions, I went for the pre-selected Crème Trio Set with Rhône, Pepper, and Bouquet, as pictured above. These lipsticks are definitely a lot more sheer than the Lime Crime one. They're very moisturizing, which is possibly my favourite part and they claim to contain antioxidant resveratrol. My favourite part is that they're free of synthetics and made with food-grade inredients that are safe enough to eat. The cases are super sleek and modern, however I feel like they could've highlighted a better selection, maybe with shades that would better compliment a wider range of skin tones.

The Pepper shade was very slightly darker than my natural shade - a dusty rose colour, a little bit on the browner side. This one is most certainly natural enough for daytime wear when I'm not feeling too bold. It accentuates my natural colour, but that's about it.

The Bouquet colour ended up being a lot brighter than the "soft pink" colour as described on the website. It's still very pretty but in order to wear it without my skin looking too washed up, I need to layer it with something a tad bit darker. It's a very lovely colour though, and I look forward to playing with it more.

Rhône was definitely the most pigmented of the trio. The others were a lot more glossy than this shade. It's a nice pink-berry colour and tame enough to wear for a casual day at work or on campus. I'm not sure how much I like this shade for my skin tone though, so I'm playing with layering it with other colours. It's like when you're painting and mixing a million colours together in order to find the perfect shade!

Anyways, there you go for if you're in the market for some new lipstick (and you should be!). Now, the cold weather is irritating-ly exhausting, so I must curl up in bed with my Domo plush and fall asleep. Let there be warmer days ahead!


Sara said...

very pretty colors!

DeNote said...

I can't even fathom snow in May. It's burning at 94F in San Diego.

Centrifuchsia is my favorite.

Don Andrew Halvorson said...

I'm going start off trying to just prove a little cliché - the littlest things can make the biggest difference. You commented on something I wrote a week or so back, and I saw it early, early this morning. You said that Minnesota needed to spotlight their artistic talent better, and so many things struck deeply with me. I liked that someone thought of me as talented as an artist, as if I wrote with sophistication.

But once again, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. It wasn't just a little comment about my writing that illuminated my night, it was your photos too. I read it hours ago, and some of your words and images got to me. They really did. I saw your 'Pepper' shade lipstick photo, and it played muse for me. That little silent-smile and the deep stare left me up all night writing.

It's a piece that I am happy with. Even if it's not about you, I couldn't have wrote it without your little comment. I want to hope it's not the last impact you have on my life because I know that I like who you are in your pictures and writing.

And yes, I do study at the U. I wouldn't know what to say if I saw you wandering about though. I think I'd be frightened to even say anything to a girl so gorgeous. If I did happened to catch your eye though, I'd smile at you and hope again that the little things make the biggest difference.

So once again, thanks.

Marley said...

Those are so pretty! Buying lipstick is my biggest wallet-killer, I think it may have subconsciously been the reason I got a job. hahaha.

The orange one is my favorite! I've always wanted to try one like that but never really had the guts. It looks amazing on you :]

Kari Jerene said...

I really love the rhone and the centrifuchia. I would probably wear the first, but I'm not always bold enough for very bold lip coulours. Although I have this plum palate from f21 that I would love to get in a nicer, longer-lasting brand that is pretty kind of bold and looks great with my skin and hair.
I like that this post is an interesting change of pace from the usual outfit photos and such.

Lucy said...

Great colours- love the first orange!

Where the wild things might be...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I saw your video on the products you use... could you make one on how exactly you use them? I adore your eye make-up, I'd love to know how to do it myself.


shinythings63 said...

Before I read this, I didn't even know layering/blending lipsticks was possible! Today I mixed a too-light and a too-dark shade and it came out exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the inspiration!

Ruby Girl said...

hey girl! i'm sporting Maybelline's coral crush right now and am all over it. i love your blog--- following! i'm also in Minneapolis & am new to the fashion/lifestyle blogging scene. I'd love to meet you sometime! <3

Izumihiiiflower said...

i want blue lipstick! :)

Gaby said...

Amazing lipsticks! I never wear lipstick at all but those colors are making me want to try it and mix it up a bit.

Great post!
- Gaby

From Rags to Glam

Abby said...

i lovve the last three colors. you wear lipstck sooo well! i'm jealous, your super inspirational :]

check me out?


Ashley Dy said...

You look so gorgeous!

Laura Natalie said...

wohoo, i havent been here for such a long time and now i see there are two new posts!

well, im so glad you posted something about lipsticks, im trying to find my shade (thats what google transl. said!) of a red lipstick, but its too hard, because my hair is quite different every month and a half.

anyways, i think the last picture is the best and i like that one which was the most natural (dont remember the name)... but youre beautiful everytime everywhere :)