Friday, May 13, 2011

the feeling you bring

At approximately 11:20am today, I completed my last final exam and headed off campus for the last time till September. When I got home I was literally jumping all over the place. Actually, I just headed out to practice my jumping after being scolded by David Mendolina yesterday for not knowing how to do so. The weather was blustery and overcast, and I was headed into work in a couple hours, so not many smiles were coming from me!

Photos like this don't really encourage you to come back to a blog, do they? (Faux) leather jackets make me angsty, what can I say?

For my final today I wore my favourite bengal striped button down from Macy's, sailor shorts by H&M, grey knee highs (scrunched down) from DSW, and oxfords by Wanted. I swear when I scooped these shoes up from the DSW clearance section a few weeks ago ($14!), they were a black/grey colour. Now they're a brown/grey colour. Maybe I'm going crazy....yes, that must be it. Shoes don't usually magically change colours on their own.

I've been going pantless for a few weeks now and it feels great! The warm weather (okay, so today was only 50°F, but I live in Minnesota & we take what we get, amirighh?) is such a treat. I'm hoping that New Mexico next week will be even better! I plan on basking in the sun without any jackets or stockings, sporting my SPF 60. Don't disappoint me, Santa Fe!

Giving the camera another one of my withering stares. See you on the flipside!


Ava said...

nice outfit.
please though, do invest in a new pair of tights.

Meanz said...

I think you just look badass and I enjoy looking at these! On my last day of finals, I did some jumping shots as well! What a coincidence :)

Meanz (Koi Story)

Marley said...

The jumping pictures look so fun, haha. I love your outfit, it really goes with the weather :]

Julie said...

I love your vest !

.Alyspank said...

Faaaavorite! I always get strange looks from people in my hometown when I wear shorts with tights, but it's quite possibly the best combo ever! Especially for this look of yours! I could gush all over it!