Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In which I create shorts from skaterboy days relic

I made these shorts a few weeks ago using an old pair of jeans and studs taken from an old belt from back in my skater days. Below I map out the exciting process!

Step 1: The Pants. Yes, you can say that you're extremely disappointed that I didn't stone wash these myself. I'm not that cool, don't worry, I know.

Step 2: Cut & Destroy. I cut these into shorts and then grabbed a seam ripper, pulling on all edges, undoing some stitching, and creating a couple holes.

Step 3: Unconvering the studs. I cut the end off the belt and pulled the top layer from the bottom layer of the belt. This was a very old belt, probably 6 or more years old, so the glue allowed it to pull apart very easily.

Step 4: Attaining the studs. From here, I pulled all the studs off with a needle nose pliers. Not easy or enjoyable.

Step 5: Being frustrated with how few studs you've managed to pull, yet how many cuts and calluses you're getting on your hands.

Step 6: Setting the studs. The most fun you'll have with a needle nose pliers! The studs just popped in and then I pressed their backs in.

Final: Front with stud details on pocket and some seam ripper wear & tear.

Final: Back! With more studs and even more seam ripper wear & tear!

And here they are! In these photos, I'm also wearing an old sweatshirt from UO, AA socks, and Wanted oxfords in the Jag style. I won't be updating till next week, as I want to focus on enjoying the New Mexican sun and sand. Till then, lovelies!


Sara said...

wow those shorts are so awesome! totally rocker chic :) great job!


Shannon Skylar said...

Those are such cute shorts! I love that you made them! Question: what lipstick are you wearing? It's such a great color! Thanks :)

cowbiscuits. said...

WOW! these are amazing!! xx

Jana C said...

love this shorts. you did a good job. you look nice in the overknee-socks.

Empress said...

this looks so sick, honestly I'd see you on the street and DIY would be the furthest thing from my mind..love it.

I've tried cutting my pants into shorts but for what ever reason it never comes out right :s


Lulu B said...

Wow that is awesome, these are serously rocking! Very impressed with your skills xx :o)

erica marie said...

I love this idea...I actually have a studded belt that belongs to my brother's ex girlfriend that he really can't stand right now. It's been there for months...hmmm...

Maria N said...

Those shorts are gorgeous! good job



shinythings63 said...

Those are fantastic. I love thigh highs but I can never get them to stay up for more than five minutes. How do you get yours to stay in place?

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Come be my dorm-mate and we can share hair products, DIY tricks, and we can take outfit photos with our model poses.

Talk to you next weeeeeek. xoxo

Em said...

holy crap, that looks like it was sooo tedious. after the first cut on my hand i'd give up, haha! total props to you, plus you look absolutely adorable.


Cammila Albertson said...

You and the awesome shorts! You're killing me!

Seriously though, talk to me when you start doing your own stone washing. It's obviously the next step.

Julie said...

Beautiful short! Good idea!


.Alyspank said...

Those shorts are completely awesome! I love how you used those studs from the belt to upcycle them! Very neat idea :D


Bad Taste Toast said...

You have the best ideas! These shorts look sooo amazing! I need to buy me a bag full of studs.... :)

Laura Natalie said...

love it!
never thought that pink shorts can look so good :)

anyways! are you really going to czech republic?? :O
meet me! :) x

Christopher said...

It's so awesome that you documented this entire thing. :D

Prissy said...

Such a cool DIY! I also love your lip color


notsoChiara said...

I actually wish I could find a pair of jeans as pink as yours!

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog



Laura Natalie said...

and did you really have skater days? :O

shannanj said...

amazing idea

TheeFknGoddess said...

Those are sooooo cute! :D

Hannah said...

These are amazing shorts! They look so cute:)xxx

Tanya WALL officiel said...

LOve the shorts here, and the over the knee socks are the best accesories for this combination !
LOVE too Much !