Tuesday, September 28, 2010

but I'm just a raindrop in a river

Update: Sorry about all the bandwidth issues! I have it temporarily sorted out for this post & will get the photos from previous posts back up tomorrow. My blog isn't used to this much traffic, I'm afraid....
precursor: this post will include a week of happenings...and is also quite photo-heavy (that's nice that I warn you, right??)

I've been in a shopping frenzy and have, in the past week or two, bought: two new jackets, two pairs of heels, a pair of boots, and I think something else....furthermore, I have a dress, a bracelet, and a purse picked out, which I believe will all be in my hands very soon. Oh! And on top of that, I'm going shopping on Thursday. Ah, life is great, shopping is theraputic.
In addition to all this shopping, I came home the other day and found a sparkly new package waiting for me. I love getting packages in the mail so much! Especially if they're from exotic, far away places like Tel Aviv, Israel (:

The lovely Don had arranged for a necklace to be custom made for me. It's so beautiful!! I love the '90s and very few things say nineties more than name necklaces. It's extremely classy and I wear it a lot more than I would've ever suspected. Plus it comes in this darling little box that looks like it belongs in a bakery shop window.

I got it on a 16" chain, so it's a lot shorter than most of my pendant necklaces, but I love the length, it works well. This is such a cute little necklace, I'm sure you'll see me wearing it a lot more! So thanks again, to the lovely people over at My Name Necklace for the present (:

Lately I've been feeling very lazy with how I look....but not lazy enough to go out without putting on makeup and stringing a few necklaces around my neck. (Okay, maybe laid back is a better word than lazy?) I've been waking up in the morning and just knowing how I want to look or what I want to wear.
I wore this on Friday and I believe that I was subconciously emulating Alexa Chung when I got dressed. I don't really know who she is...but she has amazing style! It's so laid back and borrowed-from-the-boyfriend-chic. I woke up on Friday and immediately knew that I wanted to wear these baggy shorts with tights....but half of me still wanted to be in bed, so I threw on this stripey shirt which reminds me of PJs. I just haven't been feeling like wearing fitted clothes lately, so I wanted everything to be slightly oversized and slept in. That's just how I've been feeling lately, I suppose. I think it has to do with waking up at 6:30 everyday to get to class, when it's still dark and damp out and when I'm struggling with the bed Gods to get out of their evil clutches.

This jacket is from the second hand store and it's just lovely. I guess it's from Victoria's Secret originally...it's just a shame that it doesn't fit great. The sleeves are too short for my long monkey arms and I'm too skinny for the waist. But the velvet buttons and other detailing were too precious to pass up.

When I wore this on Friday, a boy in my creative writing discussion told me that he "really likes my style" which was a wonderful compliment but I was so flattered that I didn't know what to say...so I just gave an awkward laugh and said thanks. I get so shy sometimes...it's not that I'm unfriendly or stuck up, I just get really really shy. So if you ever encounter me & I don't say much, you know why!! So on that note, sorry to the girl in the H&M lingerie section....

Today my mum called me and informed me that she saved an injured pigeon from getting hit by a bus, and had it in her bike basket to bring home and take to wildlife rehab. If this doesn't explain why I am the way I am about animals, I don't know what else possibly can. My hippie upbringing has definitely left a strong impact on me.
He was a cute little guy though! Hopefully the people over at Wildlife Rehab can make him better (:

Anyways, the Britney Spears episode of Glee is on! Cannot miss this, I love Britney :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

the gossip

Right now I'm sitting here eating Swiss chocolates & thinking about how ridiculous it is that I wore this outfit exactly a week ago & I haven't gotten around to blogging it until now. I'm also thinking about how ridiculously bad I need a haircut and how ridiculously expensive my current lifestyle is. To put it simply, I'm thinking about a lot of ridiculous things right now.

Yes, so you read that right, I wore this outfit exactly a week ago - last Friday. It was inspired by flapper porportions - longer torso, stay ups, etc. - except much more modern and Chloe-ish. I bought these new thigh-high socks from Target a few weeks ago for $5 and they're ever so lovely. I like the light pattern...I love all patterns, as long as they're not overbearing.

I also got this skirt at Target. I saw it and I knew right away it would be great for fall, for layering. The lace is fantastic, I'm a big fan of lace. It's incredibley sexy in a way than transcends time. Maybe thigh high boots won't stay in, but you know that lace is one of those things that will always be perfect.
I think there may be plans in the works to head to Target tomorrow after work, but in my current skint state, I am so afraid to enter those hallowed aisles! Spending large sums of money there is a certainty. Large sums of money which I do not have! I'm currently looking for a second job and I've set my sights at Lush. I'm in the midst of working on a (I'd like to hope) fantastic cover letter which is to make up for my spotty resume.

I got this shirt at Urban Outfitters a few months ago. On sale, thank goodness. It's a product of my attempts to add some colour into my wardrobe. I just like how thin and flowy it is, even if it does make me look pregnant at times. I also like the long sleeves. Cold weather is creeping up on Minnesota (finally!). Very gloomy weather seems to be the precursor to it. It's been overcast and raining since last week. I feel like I live off a coastal region, not in the heart of the midwest.

This weekend I'll be up in Hicksville, er...rather....northern Minnesota. I'll admit though, I am excited to see the leaves up there. I hope they're in the midst of changing and not already dead and soggy on the ground! I also hope I do not get wrangled into watching the Vikings game on Sunday. Oh! That is not how I'd like to spend my day off.
Anyways, tonight I'm going out for dinner for an old friend's birthday. I have 3 birthday dinners to attend in 2 weeks! Phew! That is a lot of money. I also need a haircut and have a shopping extravaganza planned with an old friend from middle school. I do not know where I'll be getting money to pay for all this, but I'm hoping the tooth fairy will leave some under my pillow in return for...well, nothing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

black scarab heart

Autumn weather was finally hitting Minnesota! Keyword being was. It'd been real blustery and chilly out, but then last night we got this crazy storm and now it's quite warm out. I'm not a fan. I want autumn...now!!
The storm hit my neighbourhood really hard. I woke up around 1:30am last night because it sounded like a herd of horses were stampeding across my rooftop. Nope. Hail. I've never heard such strong hail in my life, I was seriously yelling at the top of my lungs and my voice was drowned out.... It's crazy what type of damage a storm can do. Trees were split in half, huge branches had fallen and obliterated other trees, crushing porches. Thankfully, my house was undamaged.

Now, about this outfit....these boots are new, and so lovely. They're Michael Kors & I found them in Marshall's for $30. They're kids shoes! sometimes I'm happy with my tiny feet (:
I love the red & gold accents in them. Red is one of my favourite accent colours. I added the knee high socks underneath for an added punch of colour. I'm always iffy with wearing brown & black together, but tying in grey as a medium works wonderfully and red keeps it from all getting too drab. That is my personal philosophy.

I'm really into fur right now. Faux fur, I should say. I could never ever ever bring myself to wear real fur. Ever. Even if it's "vintage." I do wear leather, though....it's just very different to me. Don't argue with me about it, it's just how I feel.
I found this vest at Macy's and at first was sort of embarassed because it is super over the top & nothing like I already owned...but my mum really liked it and I think my boyfriend did too (It's difficult to tell from a comment like, "This would be soooo sexy with nothing else on"), but it was soft and super duper warm and well, heck, I really wanted it. So I went for it. I don't care if others look at me and think, "Look at that girl....she thinks she's better than everyone else with her haughty-taughty fur vest." Afterall, I dress for myself, not for others.

I'm sorry my dog is in so many photos lately. Moses overkill? No such thing :p

Right now I really want a Spirit Hood. I think the wolf one. I may have to splurge on that....It seems like a pretty decent company, as they donate a portion of their profits to wildlife conservation, which is extremely important to me. Which hood is your guys' favourite?

The premiere of Glee is on tonight!! Who else is as excited as I am?! Plus, it seems like the perfect excuse to procrastinate on revising for my French exam tomorrow.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Σ 'αγαπώ, μιϰρός πρίγκιπας

I can't believe that I actually wore this outfit exactly a week ago, but I haven't had time to blog about it until today! School is so stressful, it only took a week until 18 credits caught up to me - and thus, I've dropped Modern Spoken Greek (after only one class!). The title of this post was in honour of my precious pup, Moses (it means "I love you, Little Prince") but I guess now it is in honour of my one-night stand with Greek.

Other than dropping Greek, school has been going well. Ridiculously stressful, but I'm enjoying classes and I feel extremely relieved after deciding to drop a 4 credit class. Now Thursday nights will be my party night! er, I mean...homework night.

The fall weather has already struck Minnesota, and I'm loving every minute of it! Moses is, too. I swear, he gets cuter every day.

Remember those boots I posted about during my Target love affair post? Well, here they are! I love them, beautiful buckle boots in distressed leather. The problem with most boots this day is that they alll feature very impractical heels, which make running from class to class near impossible. I love these little boots because I can run in them!

Moses really never finds me very amusing. Don't worry, I'm accustomed to it.

I'm still addicted to my Material Girl zipper jeans. I think that they're a huge guy magnet, too. I've gotten so many guys telling me they like my jeans! Oh Madonna, you cougar! I now possess your secret power.

Remember this old sweater? I posted a look last spring incorporating it. It's one of my favourite sweatshirts that I own, considering that I've owned it since I was 4! Duluth, MN has this wonderful store called "Monkey Business" which sells loads of monkey stuff. I've always been very obsessed with monkeys, so my parents bought me this sweater when I was little. I still fit into it, isn't that pathetic?

I'll have to keep this short, as I have loads of writing homework to catch up on. It's poetry time! I'm horrid at writing poems, but I actually wrote a couple with potential which I'm excited about. In lecture the other day I met an ex-marine who wrote a poem in class about me. He then complimented these pants and asked to exchange numbers. I politely refused. ;)
Also, as people may have noticed, I went over my bandwidth on Photobucket. I've made a new account for now, and hopefully sometime in early October those old photos will pop back up! Sorry for the inconvenience, stylish folks!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

you've got to live for today, then let it go

I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge fan of leopard print, correct? Well, if I haven't, there it is: leopard print has never been my thaang. I'm not sure why, I've always just found it very trashy and tastless (now and then it's done alright, I'll admit, but even in the pages of Vogue it's usually a turn off). But when I saw this cardigan in the Target sales rack I ran over immediately and grabbed it. Ever since it became my goal in life to emulate every character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I've been looking everywhere for a good animal print vest...then I decided that even a cardigan would do.....

....And as you kids can tell, Ferris approves.

I wore this on the first day back to classes yesterday. It was very blustery, rainy, and cold out (hence the amazing, windblown hairstyle I'm sporting). I'm back to wearing my wedge boots now that autumn has arrived. I've missed these babies, but now I'll have to retrain my feet to walk in wedge boots. I swear, wedges are the most awkward type of heel to walk in. Yesterday I almost faceplanted on the bus while tipsily getting off. However, I am blaming this near-accident on the weight of my backpack mixed with the inertia of the bus when it stops.
I'm also sporting my trusty flannel (I'm sorry for wearing this in EVERY look. But I honestly do wear it 4 days a week. Someone! Please send me new tops!!) and jeans from the Material Girl line for Macy's, designed by Madonna and her daughter. They are such a dream (the pants, not the design team) and do not stretch out the slightest. New favourite jeans, found.

For luck on my first day back to campus, I wore my owl pin. My boyfriend bought this for me on our three month anniversary while we were up in Duluth. It's absolutely lovely, and I adore owls. I know they're some hipster trend right now, but honestly I've always been fascinated with owls ever since I can remember. My hippie mother adores birds so I've grown up with the creatures all over: in wallpaper, in candles, lights, bath towels, lifesize paintings, pillows, lightswitch plates....

I also painted my nails silver. I usually never paint my nails, but I woke up the other morning with the ever growing need to paint my nails metallic. Right now I'm in search for the perfect deep red & plum colours. Any suggestions?

Friday, September 3, 2010

moooaaar currrls

I love curly hair so much, I've always wished my hair was much curlier.

Susan Sarandon. I have such a lady crush on her! There's something about her that is just so strong, she seems very sure of herself.

Lily Cole! I watched St. Trinians the other night.

Susan Sarandon again.

Juno Temple. I would do a lot to have hair like her's. Photo from jt.org. I think I may need to devote an entire post to her, she's so angelic and earthy.

Mae West! I love her platinum blonde pin curls. I'd like to successfully pin curl my hair.

Shirley Temple! She was the cutest, I love her movies. She was one of my idols growing up.

Delightfully Tacky. I love her hair. I would love it if my hair curled like this when it was long!

Lily Cole. I love photoshoots with crazy afro curls.

Lillian Gish, one of my favourites. Watching her act gives me chills, she's such a little ball of fire, in the most angelic, soft, doe eyed kind of way.

Jennifer Grey. I love her so much, especially in Dirty Dancing. She's so sexy, even though she has very peculiar features and hair like a poodle.
Susan Sarandon. Again. Can you tell how much I look up to this woman?

I've heard that Lillian Gish did not cut her hair at all throughout her life. I don't know if this is true or not, but I love it either way. It's very 1910's and beautiful. I love the fuzziness of hair during this time.

Tayla Swift! I have the biggest girl crush on her (yes, it's true) Photo from TSW, all others (unless specified) from Google