Friday, September 3, 2010

moooaaar currrls

I love curly hair so much, I've always wished my hair was much curlier.

Susan Sarandon. I have such a lady crush on her! There's something about her that is just so strong, she seems very sure of herself.

Lily Cole! I watched St. Trinians the other night.

Susan Sarandon again.

Juno Temple. I would do a lot to have hair like her's. Photo from I think I may need to devote an entire post to her, she's so angelic and earthy.

Mae West! I love her platinum blonde pin curls. I'd like to successfully pin curl my hair.

Shirley Temple! She was the cutest, I love her movies. She was one of my idols growing up.

Delightfully Tacky. I love her hair. I would love it if my hair curled like this when it was long!

Lily Cole. I love photoshoots with crazy afro curls.

Lillian Gish, one of my favourites. Watching her act gives me chills, she's such a little ball of fire, in the most angelic, soft, doe eyed kind of way.

Jennifer Grey. I love her so much, especially in Dirty Dancing. She's so sexy, even though she has very peculiar features and hair like a poodle.
Susan Sarandon. Again. Can you tell how much I look up to this woman?

I've heard that Lillian Gish did not cut her hair at all throughout her life. I don't know if this is true or not, but I love it either way. It's very 1910's and beautiful. I love the fuzziness of hair during this time.

Tayla Swift! I have the biggest girl crush on her (yes, it's true) Photo from TSW, all others (unless specified) from Google


Kat said...

i didnt recognize taylor at first! lol
i LOVE juno temple, she's amazing!
and i love curly hair, especially shirleys, jennifers and the delightfully tackey girls :D

Rosie said...


April said...

You would love my hair! haha Yay for T-Swift. I have a lot of friends that hate on her, but I love her so much. She's so cute.
It's funny, I was thinking of watching Thelma and Louise and up pops this picture of Susan Sarandon on my screen. Decision made! ;)

Cassidy said...

Oh I love it too! I love how much texture and dimension it adds.

Putri Fatma said...

Im a fan of Tayla hair too :D