Monday, May 17, 2010

shake down, you make me break

Summer has started! I had my last final on Tuesday (French), and I had prom on Saturday night (It was a blast - I'll post photos as soon as my boyfriend puts them on FB!), and now I begin summer. Two great things happened to ring in the new season; first, the Twins beat the Yankees' ass. Second, Something Corporate announced their summer reunion tour. I've been listening to Something Corporate since I was 9 or 10, but never got to see them play live. It's been one of my biggest dreams. I almost fell off the couch when I saw the announcement. I was prepared to drive to a different state to see them play live but surprise - the first show for their tour is in Minneapolis! August 2nd, I'm so pumped already!

This is what I wore today. And the day of prom, before I changed into my dress. I got all ready, showered, did my hair and makeup and everything, and then my dear (and recently unemployed) sister came over. My parents decided to take her out for lunch, and as they were leaving she says to me, "Oh by the way, here're my keys, my car is in the back. If you could clean it out and wash it for me, that'd be great. 'Kay thanks, love you, bye!" So I cleaned all the trash out of her car (there was a lot!!) and then washed the entire thing. I was so grimy and exhausted by the end - not a great way to go to prom, but I didn't have much time to clean up. Oh, and then my date couldn't do anything for himself, so I ended up getting him all dressed, putting on his socks and everything. Silly boy.
The weather is also getting summer-y. I can wear shorts, walk barefoot, soak up the sun rays on the back may even be warm enough to eat DQ outside. But, as my boy and I found out, it's not warm enough yet to sleep under the stars.

I've been wearing my Hamsa necklace almost everyday. Same with my bracelet from Greece. I'm Greek and it's a huge part of my identity. I love being able to represent it. I'm not even a jewelry person, but I suppose if you have a piece that really means something significant to you, it means much more when you wear it.

Today is my last day off before going back to work - and waking up at 6:30am to get there on time. But I need the money (I've taken almost 3 weeks off!) and I should be thankful that I'm even given hours. Nickelodeon Universe is dead and all my co-workers are scrambling for shifts.
Also, did anyone utilize Starbucks' frappuccino happy hour? I did. Double chocolate chip with a shot of expresso - yummmm.
For goodness sake, I think I'm on the edge of something new with you
Shout out, don't drown the sound, I'll drown you out
You'll never scream so loud, as I want to scream with you

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I met a new boy. We have lots of plans for the summer, which is right around the corner (despite the fact that it snowed a couple of nights ago).