Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shana Logic: Shop Indie!

I have a new online shopping love: Shana Logic! I had sent it to my favourites a while ago & just rediscovered it.

I think we're all in agreement that they have the cutest little accessories (& clothing!) at great prices. I think I'll be doing some back-to-school shopping here (due to the fact that I go to a uniform school, my back-to-school shopping consists of khaki pants & accessories)!

Friday, July 18, 2008

obsession: acidic plaid

I think that probably my favourite thing I've seen on the runway in a long, long time is House of Holland's plaid. Or acidic plaid, as I've been calling it. Purple, yellow, blank & white all together. And those boots they wore on the runway? -drools- I would kill to get my hands on some acidic plaid skinny pants.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

channelling taylor momsen

I love 14 (almost 15!) year old Taylor Momsen's style. From on screen in Gossip Girl to just simply out & about at events and other things, she always looks so cute! Her fashion sense is right up my alley, so I've decided to channel her style for today.

1. Dreamsicle Dress, $74. 99, Mod Cloth, similar to this dress
2. Converse All Stars, converse.com, seen on Taylor here & many other times
3. Lover's Charm Necklace, $4, Heritage 1981, similar to these
4. 'Barbie Loves New York' DOE tee, $19.95, eBay, as seen on Taylor here
5. Hoodie Blazer, $54.50, Delias, just simply Taylor-esque
6. Members Only Bomber, Members Only, as seen on Taylor here
7. Venice Skinny Gray, $39.50, PacSun, skinnies seen on Taylor many times
8. Extended Pleat Dress, $24.80, Forever 21, similar to this dress
9. Swan Lake Sunglasses, $10, Fred Flare, check out their other funky sunglasses similar to the ones Taylor wears!

Friday, July 11, 2008

recent challenge: V-Necks

I've exclusively worn tee shirts for the past 4 years that quite literally choked around my neck, the curse of those cute-sy screen print tees. so when I saw a v neck orange pullover at Heritage yesterday I sprung for it. heck, I'll have to give v neck a try sometime, right? plus I couldn't pass up the bright colour & $4 price tag. Soon after I stumbled into Urban Outfitters and snuck around in the sale racks for a while (you can find amazing deals back there) & purchased two more v neck tops (plus a rather plunging polo) for $10 each.
So, I'm officially giving it a try. after seeing all those stick skinny yet small chested models (hey, A cupper here!) pulling it off, I figured I could too. of course I'm one of those people who must wash everything new before wearing it, so I haven't given any of them a try yet, but I'm feeling very confident about this new challenge. what do you guys think of v necks? any necklines you should challenge yourself to try?

and welcome.

hello, I have finally gotten around to opening my fashion blog. since I first began to get interested in fashion a year or two ago, it has become somewhat of an addiction. even when I'm just simply wearing skinny jeans, a screen print tee & converse, I'm still trying to find fashion.

the idea first came to me when I was walking around the Mall of America looking at the fashion of minnesotans. blech. not much to say. so now I am searching for fashion throughout my lovely hometown state, looking for stores, people, and all that stuff that will help minnesota get on track.

I'll be posting photos of things I found, things I like, things I bought, etc. I'll also be "channelling" celebrity styles, because for some reason I find that fun & it helps me choose my outfits and things to look out for. stay tuned, updates soon.