Friday, July 11, 2008

and welcome.

hello, I have finally gotten around to opening my fashion blog. since I first began to get interested in fashion a year or two ago, it has become somewhat of an addiction. even when I'm just simply wearing skinny jeans, a screen print tee & converse, I'm still trying to find fashion.

the idea first came to me when I was walking around the Mall of America looking at the fashion of minnesotans. blech. not much to say. so now I am searching for fashion throughout my lovely hometown state, looking for stores, people, and all that stuff that will help minnesota get on track.

I'll be posting photos of things I found, things I like, things I bought, etc. I'll also be "channelling" celebrity styles, because for some reason I find that fun & it helps me choose my outfits and things to look out for. stay tuned, updates soon.

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