Frequently Asked Questions

What type of camera do you shoot with?
I shoot with a Pentax k200d. I bought it in 2009 after trying out many other DSLR cameras. I liked Pentax because the camera felt quality and because manual film lenses could be used with it. I come from a line of Pentax users, so I have many manual lenses for Pentax. Most of my photos are taken with a tripod and a self timer unless otherwise noted.

Do you accept sponsors, gifts, or giveaways?
I have done several product reviews on the blog and will happily feature an apparel item as long as I am enthusiastic about it and it fits my personal style. I accept advertising sponsors on the blog and will host giveaways for your product, as long as it fits aforementioned criteria. For inquiries, please email me at

How much traffic does the blog generate?
Since opening in 2008, Urban Tease has had over 356,000 visitors. As of July 2013, the blog averages between 400 - 500 unique hits a day. Over 600 people follow the blog using Google Connect, and nearly 400 people follow using Bloglovin'. On, I've collected more than 3,000 fans and my Chictopia page has more than 1,000 followers and friends.

What are future plans for the blog?
When I began Urban Tease, I had the intention of making it entirely a fashion blog. I have since began integrating more content, including reviews, guest posts, and articles of encouragement. I envision Urban Tease as becoming a feel-good, creative outlet and look forward to broadening the blog's (and its readers!) horizons.

Why do you not post runway or editorial photos?
I have hesitations about doing so because such photos encourage unrealistic ideals when it comes to body image. Urban Tease takes place in reality, where fashion is real and the people who wear the clothes are real. I'd like to use the blog as a platform to promote healthy living, which includes both physical and mental health. Occasionally I will post photos of fashion models, but it is not a dominant theme of Urban Tease.

Is your hair naturally curly?
Yes. After several years of being told that I couldn't be pretty with curly hair and thus endlessly straightening it, I have finally decided to go natural. Never tell someone that straight hair is superior. Let them be curly!

How tall are you?
I'm around 5' tall. Perhaps 5'1" on a good day.

What's up with the tattoo?
I got my (currently) one and only tattoo in January 2012. I had thought it over for about a year and decided to go for it. I chose Charlie Chaplin because he is a genius. Charlie taught me to smile even when times are bad. He encouraged optimism at a time when our world was at a loss for any. I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather commemorate more than Charlie.

Where do you shop for clothes?
I don't consume many clothes, believe it or not. Most things that are new to my wardrobe come from family or friends, the second hand shop, or garage sales. If I can afford it, I like to shop vintage. I also sew many of my own clothes. New items usually come from ModCloth or Target. My favourite shops in Minnesota include Blacklist Vintage, Lula, Up Six, and Primp.

What do you study at university?
I started university in 2009 and have since switched my mind on my major five times. I am currently studying Communication Studies and have a double minor in French and design. Before that I was an apparel design major, so I spent a lot of time hunched over at the sewing machine, at drafting tables, and learning about the theory of colour harmony. I will be graduating Fall 2013. I have an interest in working in public relations, especially for organizations that help at-risk women and children.