Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new year's eve is a humbug.

For the school I'm applying for, I had to schedule an interview with an alumnus from the school. Let's call him Peter Smith. Here's how this epic phonecall failure went:

Little Kid: Hello?
Me: Hi, may I please speak to Mr. Smith?
Little Kid: uh-huh
Mrs Smith: Hello?
Me: Err...hi. Mr Smith? Mr Smith please?
Mrs: Yes?
Me: No, could I please speak to Mr Smith? Mr Smith? Mr....Peter! Peter Smith, please?
Mrs: He's not here right now.

Wow. So I left a message with his wife & he called me back like 10 seconds later. It was so humiliating. I honestly hate talking on the phone with an intense passion. After that someone else called & I agreed to babysit for their kids on New Year's Eve. You see, I've never really got the big deal with New Years....it's just a date change. Besides, until I'm old enough to legally drink, I have no reason to celebrate it. Humbug.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Male Model Spotlight: Guntars Asmanis

One of my favourite male models at the moment is Guntars Asmanis from Latvia. At 6'1.5" and 20 years of age, he admits to disliking modelling & plans to quit after making 1 million.

Guntars has the absolutely most perfect face! There's just something about that face that really gets me.

"Chicks dig models."

"The longer you are a model, the less you care about common things, like, what do people around think of you and such"

"I love snowboarding in winter, relaxing in summer, photography too and drinking beer. I love practising my DJing at the moment."

He's very vampiric, I think, with the smooth skin, full lips, and big eyes.

"[The] first time I had [make-up] done at those shoots, that was weird. After the 15th time you get used to it."

Guntars is so gorgeous! I cannot wait to see more of him in the future. He is signed with DNA in New York (and Dandy in Latvia) & has done ad campaigns for Acne Jenes and Hugo Boss. Thanks to http://www.thefashionspot.com/ for some of the photos!

Friday, December 26, 2008

8 Movies That Changed My Life (Part 1 of 2)

As 2008 winds down, I wanted to shed light on 8 different films, which I watched this year, that changed my life or greatly affected me in some way. I strongly suggest that all readers check some of these movies out. These are not in any particular order. (This post is part one of two posts)

Gus Van Sant's 2003 film, Elephant is one of the most powerful and chilling films I have ever seen. The film follows a number of students throughout the halls of their high school for roughly 10 minutes each, and as each character's life intertwines with each other, you get closer and closer to the student. Though the kids fall into their own stereotypical groups - jocks, outcasts, nerds, artists - they all meet the same fate when two students arrive at school fully armed and begin to senselessly murder any student who comes across their path. Although gruesome and creepy, Elephant is dynamic and beautiful, and is unquestionably a film that will make you think.
A 1998 movie which was panned by critics and viewers alike, The Object of My Affection was a truly touching movie. The movie really takes off when George, a gay school teacher, moves in with Nina, a social worker, after he is dumped by his then-boyfriend. When Nina finds out she is pregnant, instead of asking the baby's father to marry her, she asks George if he would be the father. The relationship between Nina & George is truly from the heart and it remains one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever seen. To avoid giving everything away, let me just say this - the ending is unexpected but thoughtful, the struggle that Nina faces is an honest result of impossible love, and the film in its entirety is non-traditional and touching. It gives me a whole new look on the power of love & friendship.

Two wonderful French actors, Romain Duris & Louis Garrel, star in 2006's indie Dans Paris from director Christophe Honore. Dans Paris (Inside Paris) starts with Paul, who, after splitting up with his girlfriend, moves back in with his father and brother, Johnathon, and continues to slip roughly into a deep depression. Johnathon, a lazy and unclean part time student, full time womanizer spends his time sleeping around and unsuccessfully cheering up his brother. The entire family is equally affected by the previous suicide of their sister Claire on top of all else they have to deal with. After each brother jumps off a bridge, witnesses a visit from their mother, and reconnect with some old friends, they come to a realization about human struggle and coping with loss. Dans Paris is an extroadinary tragic-comedy with terrific acting and an insightful, in depth look at human frailty, family bonds, and dealing with what life throws at you.

Say hello to two of the most quotable people of all time: Little Edie & Big Edie. The only documentary to grace this list, Grey Gardens follows the typical day in the life of this mother-daughter team. "Big Edie" Bouvier Beale was Jackie Kennedy Onassis's aunt, and "Little Edie"Bouvier Beale was her cousin. They lived in a crumbling mansion in New York which was overrun by cats and underwent a series of inspections, which brought these two women into the public eye. A tad eccentric, these women dance and sing their way throughout the documentary and you can't help but feel a connection. The two Edies can teach you so much about life and are a great reminder that it's okay to be a little bit, uh, out there.

Part two of this series will be coming soon, along with a new series of my favourite male models.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is my very favourite holiday. It means so much - the birth of Jesus, a time for everyone to celebrate the joy of what God has given us. But during the past few years, I just haven't been able to get into the Christmas spirit. I feel like Christmas isn't quite what it used to be...for anyone. However, this year I've achieved a very Christmas-y spirit & I would like to share it with everyone! So, I have made a to do list for if you're out of the spirit.

1. Listen to Owl City's 'The Christmas Song'

2. Watch those really old, politically incorrect Christmas cartoons from the '30s-'50s while making fudge, decorating the tree, or icing cookies.

3. Wear a ridiculously ugly (Christmas) sweater.

4. If you're fortunate enough to get snow (like me!) go sledding with all of your friends, then go home and make hot chocolate.

5. Read 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens - a very short, lovely book, which is a classic.

6. Watch any selection of Chloe approved Christmas movies from the following list: Love Actually, Eloise at Christmastime, Home Alone, Jingle All the Way, The Santa Clause, Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story

7. Attend the Christmas Eve service at church and sing all the songs as loud as you can.

I really do want everyone who celebrates to enjoy this time of year! We always get caught up with the commercial side of it. I'm not saying that some of those movies aren't in support of a commercial Christmas, but you don't need presents and you don't need to believe in Santa Claus to have a good Christmas. I've had absolutely dreadful Christmases for the last 4 years, since my grandmother died, and this year I'm all caught up in the happiness & I truly hope everyone else can be as well.

*sigh* Well that was odd for me to lecture everyone on religion and holidays, but....right. I made a Flickr account & have some of my photography up! Click here to view my profile or here to view my photostream! I'll be updating again soon. It's weird, because everyone is taking a blogging break for the holidays & I just have all these ideas for blogs......

Saturday, December 20, 2008

suspended over rainbows

I've never worn this shirt before, despite the fact I bought it several months ago at that way-too-expensive-for-secondhand store in the village. It reminds me of pajamas and has these wonderful shirt tails that I had to tuck in for the suspenders to work. Pity.

It's cold here! The past week has been 16 degrees and below. Right now there are pretty pretty snowflakes falling all around. Snow is glorious. I watched 4 Christmas movies in the last 24 hours (Elf, The Santa Clause, Eloise at Christmastime, & Surviving Christmas). I love when we have White Christmases. It's only right.

Christmas is coming very soon! I don't have a wishlist. I don't really want anything. I like surprises & consider myself someone who's fairly easy to buy for. I still have a few people to buy for, though. That's stressful.

I'll be posting again very soon. This was my first 'fashion' oritented post in a while, and it still wasn't very in depth. I'll be doing a post about movies soon.

p.s. I got my ticket for the Owl City concert! Ahhh! That's so exciting.

Monday, December 15, 2008

10 things that make me smile

I've been having an incredibley bad week/month. I got the bum part of the little boy with no lines in the school play (last year I was the little boy, too, but he was lead). I wore a hat when I went sledding on Friday, had an allergic reaction to the fabric, and within 24 hours developed full blown acne on my (formerly) surprisingly clear forehead. I realized Christmas is only 10 days away and I'm so out of the Christmas spirit, it's terrible. My essays for boarding school are due in before January 5th and I have accomplished nothing after working on them for 2 months. I scheduled my SSAT testing for the same day that I have to do this huge thing for church which regards my confirmation (which I've been working towards for the past 3.5 years). I've been unemployed for nearly 3 months and have $40 to buy 5 different people Christmas presents.
So, because I'm having such a horrible life right now, I wanted everyone (including myself) to make a list of 10 things that make them smile, or laugh, or just be plain happy. I'll start!

002. Conan O'Brien
003. Big Edie & Little Edie Bouvier of Grey Gardens
004. Snow Days
005. day dreaming
006. Gilmore Girls
007. Two guys named Soren & Peter
008. 'Princess' by Vera Wang
009. Peter Max
010. Teen Vogue

You can leave your list as a comment, or post it at your own blog & leave a link back so I can go read it!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I put a tack on everything, it lets me know just where I've been

I have made the potential mistake of trying out for the One Act play at school. I got tangled up in it last year when the director gave me the script and asked me to 'think about being lead'. Apparently my agreement to consider the opportunity meant "Yes! I'll do it!" It's for a state competition and since I got into it late in the game last time, I hardly had time to memorize my lines. Needless to say, we did terribly. Oh, plus the underlying message of the play was something about masturbation, so that left me slightly bitter. I'm way to easily convinced. It's such an inconvenience.

Also, today I added 20-some Christmas movies to my Blockbuster Online queue. I'm not quite into the spirit yet, so I figured some movies would cheer me up. It snowed a few inches this morning, so all I need is some sledding, hot chocolate, and Christmas movies! What are some of your favourites?

I'll leave this blog with a video from Delay's single (off their newest album, Everything's the Rush). I sort of love this song and it's all cheerful and nice. Come on, who isn't cheered up by cheerleaders running around with cardboard boxes?