Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new year's eve is a humbug.

For the school I'm applying for, I had to schedule an interview with an alumnus from the school. Let's call him Peter Smith. Here's how this epic phonecall failure went:

Little Kid: Hello?
Me: Hi, may I please speak to Mr. Smith?
Little Kid: uh-huh
Mrs Smith: Hello?
Me: Err...hi. Mr Smith? Mr Smith please?
Mrs: Yes?
Me: No, could I please speak to Mr Smith? Mr Smith? Mr....Peter! Peter Smith, please?
Mrs: He's not here right now.

Wow. So I left a message with his wife & he called me back like 10 seconds later. It was so humiliating. I honestly hate talking on the phone with an intense passion. After that someone else called & I agreed to babysit for their kids on New Year's Eve. You see, I've never really got the big deal with New Years....it's just a date change. Besides, until I'm old enough to legally drink, I have no reason to celebrate it. Humbug.


Blair said...

Hehe, I also despise talking on the phone! I always sound like an idiot with a really high pitched voice. :/

Kelly said...

i always dread making phone calls to people i don't know...people i've talked to on the phone before its no problem, but something about anticipating what they could be doing when you call bugs me...i don't know.

L.P. said...

haha that kind of thing would completely happen to me too. And I'd prob rather hide in my closet than talk on the phone.

Isabel said...

I always used to hate talking on the phone too! That is, until I got a job as a receptionist and phone call were pretty much my job.