Wednesday, February 24, 2010

as our hearts started beating faster, I recalled your laughter from long ago

'Sup? This is unusual, to have two outfit posts only a few days from each other. Oh well, I haven't worked since Sunday and I've not been procrastinating with school, so I've had time to do other things. Also, I'm kind of friend-less right now (not that I mind too much) so I've had a lot of free time.

I wore this yesterday when I went shopping. The trip resulted in two skirts, but that is all. I found a really cute sweater at Forever 21 (a shop which I normally avoid) but I noticed that it was 10% angora rabbit hair. I thought to myself a) why does this sweater need rabbit hair? It's just a grey v-neck with a zipper and b) where did this hair come from? So I went to the front of the shop and asked the shop girl if the rabbits which the hair came from are humanely treated. She was dumbfounded (as she gave me washing instructions?) and appeared to not care or even think about whether or not the clothes which she wears comes from rabbits that live their lives in crammed cages, undernourished and sleeping in their own urine, only to have human contact once a month when they're shaved of their coat...and then immediately put back into their cold, metal cells. The store manager was the same way. He called the company or whatever, but they didn't know either!! Oh, mankind! You disappoint me!

Anyways, this outfit was originally inspired by Fred Astaire (if he, say, drove a motorcycle) but then I also incorporated Charlie Chaplin into it with the bowler hat, as well as the proportions and fit of the vest, shirt, and full shorts. I've been wearing this hat quite a bit lately, as the back of my hair is growing out. Whenever I wear it I think of that part in Sixteen Candles when Farmer Ted says, "I love a girl in a hat. It's" I also like to wear this hat while I'm on break from work 'cause I like to be incognito. But one of the Italian kiosk workers told me I looked like Charlie Chaplin and I was like, "Ouch...I'll take that as a compliment?"

My favourite Charlie Chaplin film (among the few which I've seen) is The Kid. It's very funny and has the most amazing dream sequence. Plus, the kid is darn adorable! I wonder what happened to him?
Hello there, Charlie. I like your hat! The proportions of his outfits are great - baggy pants, fitted blazer, long, skinny shoes. He created the classy hobo look (which I wasn't actually trying to duplicate this day....).

I never really wear lipstick all that much. I wear it when I'm sitting at home alone & bored and just want to play dress up. But otherwise, never in public. I should. I layered like 4 different lip products to get this look. I wish it was darker. I want to try a really super deep red/plum colour. Any suggestions for brands/colours?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

a million lights are dancing and there you are, a shooting star

I told you I'd have an outfit post! For once, I am not a liar. I had Wednesday through Friday off from work - my first Friday off since I began the job over a month ago! My old high school was having a dance, so we thought we'd hit it up and then go get ice cream afterwards (cause that's what the cool kids do on Friday nights). Well, the dance sucked. I think I only danced to like 4 - 6 songs. The DJs were awful, they just played like 30 second remixes of songs. So we left, but I was so tired and exhausted from work/school, that I just went home. So I got 10 hours of sleep (but then worked 10 hours the next day, deep frying food)!
These tights are Betsey Johnson. If you've read my blog before, you probably know that Betsey Johnson is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. I grew up with a very eclectic, funky mother (she's part hippie, part disco queen), and so I was introduced to Betsey at a young age. Her bright colours are great (believe it or not, but I love love love hot pink) and she's got the perfect balance of funk & class. These pink leopard print tights added the perfect twist to an otherwise plain(ish) dress.
The dress was from the sale rack ($10!) of H&M. It's got a really nice, full skirt, and then a fitted, lace bodice with a heart shaped bust. It's really lovely and princess-y, but it can be a little too much. I thought the tights added a lot of fun, and the shoes made the dress more mature (because, you know, 5 inch platforms can do that).

More on Betsey? I love the whole socks-with-heels-look. I've yet to try it for myself, but I think spring will present the perfect opportunity! These sheer, polka-dot ones are fantastic! The belt really toughens the dress up, and that guy is dressed beautifully! Cut off most of his hair, and I'll take him to prom.

Heeeere's Betsey! She's so....out there! I mean, in the best way. She seems so unique and she always looks like she's having loads of fun. She's one of those designers who you can always depend on - who won't change the look of their label every season, but still come off with really unique, new looks. Also, that sweater is fab! Especially with the leopard print (which Betsey manages to not look trashy in). The dog adds a nice touch, too.
This dress reminds me of this fantastic outfit which Sushi wore not long ago. I'm totally a sucker for huge, poufy skirts, and any shades of blue! Also, that guy is so adorable.

On a last note, thanks for all the wonderful comments & emails about my last post. The advice helped a lot! I've been eating loads - hummus sandwiches, quesadillas, ice cream, veggie burgers - and my skin is back under control with the help of egg white masks and tea tree oil! Thanks guys!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've been so stressed with work and school lately. I worked 30 hours this weekend and have had no time for school. So instead I do work when I get home from work and then am up very late and get no sleep, only to fall asleep in class the next day. I have no time to eat or exercise, sleep, or even shower! I've lost 5 pounds and this weekend had a huge acne breakout on my cheeks. Does anyone have any tips for quick acne treatment? And also, does anyone have any good vegetarian recipes or recipes for food on the go which I could eat on breaks? I'm starving!! Any advice/help would be appreciated.

In other news, it's 36° F out today! That's so warm!! I only wore a long sleeved shirt, a hoodie, and a blazer today. I didn't even need my coat! I hope it stays like this. I want summer. Soon.

And as a very last piece of news, I was featured on Tommy Hilfiger's facebook page as a "Digital Fashionista to Watch For." I was chosen as the youngest one to watch for. Thanks guys! It's super appreciated (:

I believe I'll have an outfit post in the next couple of days - but please don't hold me to that! Otherwise, I work all weekend but will soon have a big fat paycheck (which will be good reason for a shopping trip!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

blue-eyed sky shines on me, can't help but feel a little cold

I didn't have class or work today! It was a nice day off. I went to the chiropractor and then to Walgreens because I wanted to get Valentines for my work/classmates, for my best friends, and for the kids in the second grade sunday school class which I teach. I ended up with Spider-Man ones for the boys (with pencils!) and Disney Princess ones fro the girls (with glitter tattoos!). Valentines are so much cooler than they ever were when I was little.

Tomorrow I have my first statistics test of the semester, I'm kind of nervous! And on Thursday I work 1 - 9, and on Friday 12 - 9 (I have to skip writing for this. Haha, time to change my availability). Friday is also payday. Hmmm, I wonder what I will buy ;)

Also, the lovely Sara Lynn gave me this award for Urban Tease, and now I'm supposed to list 10 things which make me happy. Here I go:

1. My "smile" folder. I keep a folder on my computer where I save things that make me smile. Photos, word documents, screenshots, etc. Most of them are cat photos with silly captions, such as...

2. The kiosk workers in the mall. They are the best kind of friends to have. All they do is pour compliments on you and give you free samples. I seriously stalk the kiosks on work breaks, trying to make friends with the workers. So far, my plan has been a success.

3. Staying in during the winter. I love spending winter nights indoors snuggled under blankets with mugs of hot chocolate. It's also a plus if friends or Fred Astaire stop by.

4. Disney Princess movies. I was never allowed to watch them growing up, save for Mulan (and thus, I know it by heart). I finally watched them all when I was about 12 or 14, and they're amazing! All of the princesses are so inspirational and strong (irony: I wasn't allowed to watch them growing up because my mum thought they were bad examples of women), not to mention beautiful. I could watch them all a million times and still be enchanted. (P.S. has anyone read that article in the latest Vanity Fair about the young women who coloured in all the frames for the original movies? It's on my to-read list!)

5. Working. I really like work. I like the people and I like having something to do. I like making money. I like paying taxes. (However, I worked an 11 hour shift on Saturday, spent deep drying food. I got burnt on my wrist and my face!!)

6. Carbs!! I adore carbohydrates. Bagels are probably my favourite form, though I cannot say for certain.

7. Gilmore Girls. That show just makes me laugh and feel pretty darn good inside. I miss it.

8. My friends. They're good to me and I think I'd get pretty lonely without them.

9. Old movies. They're just better than the ones today. Especially if they're romances. And especially if they contain Fred Astaire.

10. My music. Honestly, I probably have a pretty bad taste in music (sorry, I don't listen to all those hipster indie bands that the kids like these days), but I like it. I like my *N Sync, my Blink 182 and Something Corporate. Sam Cooke and Charles Trenet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the wants and needs of February

I haven't been shopping since the beginning of the month. Or, I've been shopping, I simply haven't bought anything. And now that shopping bug is biting and there's loads of stuff that I'm lusting after. Here's my mostly complete list.
Pink patent Doc Martens! I think these will be perfect for spring. So cute & very versatile. I think they'd look great with my grey Cheap Mondays. They're on sale (the youth size/my size) for $56. Maybe I'll have to get them? (
I love purple and this dress is so pretty! It reminds me of Clara Bow's dress in "It" when she's off to the Ritz. It'd look really great with a lace slip underneath. (
I love Vespas. I would really really really like to get one/learn to drive one. How does someone go about doing that? Well, either way this bag is adorable! It's the same size/shape of my Beatles bag which is way over-used and getting all worn out. (
I really really need a wallet. I just use a coin purse, which means my bills are all wadded up and paying for things is a big hassle which includes flashing all of my money to the world. This wallet is super super adorable. I love polar bears, they're quite possibly my favourite animal and all the stars in the sky around him are awesome. (
In addition to a wallet I need something to hold all of my cards - my bus card, university card, insurance card, work badge, business card of dreamy kiosk worker Anthony. Right now I have them all shoved in my coat pocket, which means everytime I need one I have to retrieve them all and sort through them one by one. The Pan Am bit is so cool and the inside is incredibley cute. Oh, back in the days of Pan Am!! (

PROM DRESS ALERT. This is my absolutely dream dress! The tulle, the colour, the little sparkles. So so so pretty. It reminds me of Clara Bow and I want it so badly for prom. I am desperate for this dress!! Unfortunately it is out of stock in XS & Modcloth will not be getting it back in. If anyone knows the designer of this dress, please let me know. I will go to extreme measures to get my hands on this little beauty. (
I lost my leather gloves, and my black mittens are getting threadbare & worn. These shark mittens are adorable beyond words, and look like the perfect protection for my little hands against the Minnesotan winters. brrrrr (
This colour is beautiful and I love bags with longer straps like this. In the winter, my coat is too bulky for short little straps so I can't get them around my shoulder. (
I love these shoes!!!! The colour is perfect. Can you imagine all the things you could pair these little gems with? They're a bit Alice-in-Wonderland-esque, too. *Added bonus* (
I went to three different Targets in seach of a plain grey hoodie with a kangaroo pouch pocket, so that I could cut the hood off and have a sweater like this. No luck. Oh well, this sweater is adorable. I think it would be perfect for spring (which, er, doesn't come in MN for 3 - 4 more months) and it looks really comfy and slouchy. (