Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the wants and needs of February

I haven't been shopping since the beginning of the month. Or, I've been shopping, I simply haven't bought anything. And now that shopping bug is biting and there's loads of stuff that I'm lusting after. Here's my mostly complete list.
Pink patent Doc Martens! I think these will be perfect for spring. So cute & very versatile. I think they'd look great with my grey Cheap Mondays. They're on sale (the youth size/my size) for $56. Maybe I'll have to get them? (dmusastore.com)
I love purple and this dress is so pretty! It reminds me of Clara Bow's dress in "It" when she's off to the Ritz. It'd look really great with a lace slip underneath. (modcloth.com)
I love Vespas. I would really really really like to get one/learn to drive one. How does someone go about doing that? Well, either way this bag is adorable! It's the same size/shape of my Beatles bag which is way over-used and getting all worn out. (modcloth.com)
I really really need a wallet. I just use a coin purse, which means my bills are all wadded up and paying for things is a big hassle which includes flashing all of my money to the world. This wallet is super super adorable. I love polar bears, they're quite possibly my favourite animal and all the stars in the sky around him are awesome. (modcloth.com)
In addition to a wallet I need something to hold all of my cards - my bus card, university card, insurance card, work badge, business card of dreamy kiosk worker Anthony. Right now I have them all shoved in my coat pocket, which means everytime I need one I have to retrieve them all and sort through them one by one. The Pan Am bit is so cool and the inside is incredibley cute. Oh, back in the days of Pan Am!! (modcloth.com)

PROM DRESS ALERT. This is my absolutely dream dress! The tulle, the colour, the little sparkles. So so so pretty. It reminds me of Clara Bow and I want it so badly for prom. I am desperate for this dress!! Unfortunately it is out of stock in XS & Modcloth will not be getting it back in. If anyone knows the designer of this dress, please let me know. I will go to extreme measures to get my hands on this little beauty. (modcloth.com)
I lost my leather gloves, and my black mittens are getting threadbare & worn. These shark mittens are adorable beyond words, and look like the perfect protection for my little hands against the Minnesotan winters. brrrrr (modcloth.com)
This colour is beautiful and I love bags with longer straps like this. In the winter, my coat is too bulky for short little straps so I can't get them around my shoulder. (fredflare.com)
I love these shoes!!!! The colour is perfect. Can you imagine all the things you could pair these little gems with? They're a bit Alice-in-Wonderland-esque, too. *Added bonus* (urbanoutfitters.com)
I went to three different Targets in seach of a plain grey hoodie with a kangaroo pouch pocket, so that I could cut the hood off and have a sweater like this. No luck. Oh well, this sweater is adorable. I think it would be perfect for spring (which, er, doesn't come in MN for 3 - 4 more months) and it looks really comfy and slouchy. (urbanoutfitters.com)


m α n i n i ; ♥ said...

The Dr. martens are so cute ^^
With some floral pattern

cheddah said...


and a pair of dr. martens have been on my list since forever! i just want my first pair already!!!

Kacy said...

I love all the things you want! You're making me want to shop even more, and I have no money! The navyish blue dress is so cute, this girl at my school had a black one kind of like that at homecomming it was so cute! It would look gorgeous on you especially that blue!

Taylor said...

I really like the Docs. and the urban outfitters t-strap flats are just gorgeous :]
i probably should apologize for my comment on a post a little while back. you really do have an interesting blog.. i was just annoying :/ sorry.

tess said...

shark mittens, awesome!

Miss Woody said...

love your blog !

Meaghan Kelly said...

oh the joys (and sorrows) of imaginary shopping!
Spring and Fall are always the worst for me, I want just about everything!
I've been toying with the idea of getting Doc Martens for a while! i like the ones you picked!

Michele said...

Great pieces! Love the docs and the tulle dress!

Cassidy said...

i want a vespa instead of a car but NO my step dads a loser and won't let me get one .
those blue shoes are perfection ! i've been trying to find a cheap pair like those for the longest time .. no luck yet though :{

Sara said...

What a cute sweater! I actually just bought one quite similar (off the shoulder and such) from American Eagle. It doesn't have the kangaroo pocket and it's a bit less slouchy though. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the same situation of it being a few months to cold to wear it.... =( We'll wait together, shall we?

Emlyn said...

I wish I could afford to get another pair of doc martens, they are the best boots no question

indigotangerine said...

the purple dress is gorgeous, so so elegant. AND HOLY CRAP THOSE MITTENS ARE FANTASTIC. I have those UO shoes, and I'll tell you they're a bit stiff. They break in a bit after a few wears but at first they are PAINFUL.

Robyn said...

oh the vespa bag is just darling! I would totally latch onto that forever if I could find one~

I just found your blog earlier this morning, and I have to say that it is a delight to read! Any your hair is wonderful~ keep it up!


Chris said...

I absolutely adore the Vespa bag! As well as the polar bear wallet! I wanted to buy that a couple months back. Ironically, I couldn't afford it. :P

Mel said...

I love the pink Doc Martens and those shark mittens! Darn it, seeing your spring wishlist sort of makes me want to add the same items to mine :)

Bata668 said...

you could always buy the dress in a size up and get someone to take it in for you : )

Des Moines workers compensation lawyer said...

I love that loose grey sweater on the bottom. Fancy things!

Sahakiel said...

Oh my, if I found those boots I'll buy them without thinking, I'm sure about it... and the same with the blue shoes!
This is a big but great list!!!