Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've been so stressed with work and school lately. I worked 30 hours this weekend and have had no time for school. So instead I do work when I get home from work and then am up very late and get no sleep, only to fall asleep in class the next day. I have no time to eat or exercise, sleep, or even shower! I've lost 5 pounds and this weekend had a huge acne breakout on my cheeks. Does anyone have any tips for quick acne treatment? And also, does anyone have any good vegetarian recipes or recipes for food on the go which I could eat on breaks? I'm starving!! Any advice/help would be appreciated.

In other news, it's 36° F out today! That's so warm!! I only wore a long sleeved shirt, a hoodie, and a blazer today. I didn't even need my coat! I hope it stays like this. I want summer. Soon.

And as a very last piece of news, I was featured on Tommy Hilfiger's facebook page as a "Digital Fashionista to Watch For." I was chosen as the youngest one to watch for. Thanks guys! It's super appreciated (:

I believe I'll have an outfit post in the next couple of days - but please don't hold me to that! Otherwise, I work all weekend but will soon have a big fat paycheck (which will be good reason for a shopping trip!)


Anonymous said...

It's good to get a nice clay mask as a overnight spot treatment. I used Boots Botanics Conditioning Mask from Target.

Vegetarian quick snacks: any kind of nut butter with crackers with veggies or crackers. vegan soy jerky. you should check out:
Food Fight Grocery in Portland,OR. they have an online store.

Anonymous said...

well for one your should wash your face EVERY NIGHT before you go to bed. and WATER works! drink LOTS of it.

in case you start to get bags from staying up late. green tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes help. just put it in hot water first.

i also learned that rubbing potato skins on your face works, i havent tried it yet but it seem understandable.

and if anything you should try and do homework DURING class or any free period. and immediately you get back home take a NAP. then you could use your extra time when you wake up to study or just do fun stuff.

and try to leave days for relaxing. because stress is really not good!

hope it helps!!

tess said...

wow I am so sorry you're so busy, hope things calm down

Cassidy said...

try making a veggie sandwich ; whatever type of bread is fine {i prefer wheat / wheat berry} , with hummus , sweet peppers , lettuce , cheese , pepperoncini , cucumber , tuna salad , ect . you can just pick what you want i suppose , but it's super delicious and easy :}

Mel said...

Aww hang in there, hope life won't get too hectic for you :( Haha I like how you say 36 degrees is so warm, when I'm totally freezing in 50 degree weather. Congrats on the feature, you totally deserve it!

paoletta_92 said...

love the outfit