Wednesday, February 24, 2010

as our hearts started beating faster, I recalled your laughter from long ago

'Sup? This is unusual, to have two outfit posts only a few days from each other. Oh well, I haven't worked since Sunday and I've not been procrastinating with school, so I've had time to do other things. Also, I'm kind of friend-less right now (not that I mind too much) so I've had a lot of free time.

I wore this yesterday when I went shopping. The trip resulted in two skirts, but that is all. I found a really cute sweater at Forever 21 (a shop which I normally avoid) but I noticed that it was 10% angora rabbit hair. I thought to myself a) why does this sweater need rabbit hair? It's just a grey v-neck with a zipper and b) where did this hair come from? So I went to the front of the shop and asked the shop girl if the rabbits which the hair came from are humanely treated. She was dumbfounded (as she gave me washing instructions?) and appeared to not care or even think about whether or not the clothes which she wears comes from rabbits that live their lives in crammed cages, undernourished and sleeping in their own urine, only to have human contact once a month when they're shaved of their coat...and then immediately put back into their cold, metal cells. The store manager was the same way. He called the company or whatever, but they didn't know either!! Oh, mankind! You disappoint me!

Anyways, this outfit was originally inspired by Fred Astaire (if he, say, drove a motorcycle) but then I also incorporated Charlie Chaplin into it with the bowler hat, as well as the proportions and fit of the vest, shirt, and full shorts. I've been wearing this hat quite a bit lately, as the back of my hair is growing out. Whenever I wear it I think of that part in Sixteen Candles when Farmer Ted says, "I love a girl in a hat. It's" I also like to wear this hat while I'm on break from work 'cause I like to be incognito. But one of the Italian kiosk workers told me I looked like Charlie Chaplin and I was like, "Ouch...I'll take that as a compliment?"

My favourite Charlie Chaplin film (among the few which I've seen) is The Kid. It's very funny and has the most amazing dream sequence. Plus, the kid is darn adorable! I wonder what happened to him?
Hello there, Charlie. I like your hat! The proportions of his outfits are great - baggy pants, fitted blazer, long, skinny shoes. He created the classy hobo look (which I wasn't actually trying to duplicate this day....).

I never really wear lipstick all that much. I wear it when I'm sitting at home alone & bored and just want to play dress up. But otherwise, never in public. I should. I layered like 4 different lip products to get this look. I wish it was darker. I want to try a really super deep red/plum colour. Any suggestions for brands/colours?


The Sunshine Diaries said...

I love your lips that color. I don't wear lipstick (at least that bright) out in public either, I really suck at putting it on. It looks great on you though. If you don't mind paying more than you do at the drugstores, Origins has great lip products, I have alot of their lip gloss and one shade of lipstick and I love it. Covergirl Outlast actually works amazingly well and I would recommend that, it's easy to put on and really does last all day.

BTW, Love this outfit.

Mel said...

Oh I love this outfit! You definitely look like a more rock/punk version of Fred Astaire and Charlie Chaplin but still retain that classic style! Hahahaha if Fred Astaire had a motorcycle, you know he'd totally incorporate a dance sequence while riding it :) I can actually imagine it! Have you seen Modern Times with Charlie Chaplin? It's the only Chaplin film I've seen but I really liked it! I'll have to check out The Kid!

Mel said...

Oops forgot to add how horrible of those F21 people, but I suppose they were hired to sell merchandise, not know the background of each item and where it came from. The thought of a hairless rabbit scares me, though I wonder if they actually kill the rabbit for the hair :(

Kasey said...

I adore that hat, i've been in the market for a good cheap bowler hat but sadley no luck, and i quite love Charlie Chaplin.
Sorry i can't really think of any lipstick brands or colours but the colour you have on is lovely.
Also i tagged you for an award on my blog:


Nicole Jarecz said...

hey :) i've just discovered your blog and love it! i'm going to follow you...

I'm a fashion illustrator from Detroit. I hope you'll check out my work on my blog and follow me as well!


cheddah said...

i love Charles Chaplin The Kid! watched in it class and it totally turned me onto black and white film!!! and the little boy
guess who he is ::

Can you believe it...he grew up to play Uncle Fester in The Addams Family! Look it up!! i was soo surprised to what he turned into! BUT SOOOO TRUE!!!
so that answers your question. totally love Charles Chaplin films now!

Victoire said...

Charlie's always a good source for inspiration :) I love your hat and vest! And I need boots like those desperately


Taylor said...

Love the whole, black shorts with black tights thing. I'm thinking of trying it sooner or later :]

Lori said...

love this outfit! the hat and red lipstick looks great on you

Allison said...

I think that your hat is FANTASTIC! I have a 40's hat that I'm in love with. :] And, Covergirl outlast works really well! I have a super dark red because I wanted to do a deep lip.. But I felt like I looked a little hooker-esque. So good luck with finding a deep color that you like!

P.S. Let Mel know that they do not kill angora rabbits for their fur. It's more like shaving a sheep for wool or a goat for cashmere.

'Lee said...

This whole outfit is amazing.
the shade of your lips against the colour of your blouse is terrific, they go very well together.
Plus I love this whole toned down rock-chick look you've got going on.

Theory of a fashion victim

Jess said...

I have just fallen in love with your blog.

I always get suspicious looks & followed by security in shops because I have to know what something is made out of before I buy it. (I don't want to play £50 for a dress made of plastic!) & it appears no one else understands friends just walk off embarrassed.

I love the proportions of your outfit too, and those shorts are quite lovely.

For dark red lipstick (& I know this sounds gross) I put black eye shadow really patchy all over my lips, then use a q-tip to put normal red lipstick over the top so it doesn't get on the stick. Then you just add more black or more red until you get the right colour.

Go me with the tips...x

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

Obviously the random shopgirl you asked isn't going to know about the treatment of the rabbits whose hair makes up 10% of ONE sweater, especially in a store like f21 where they turn over and get new merchandise practically every day.
I really rolled my eyes at that paragraph.. you sure are sounding smug and pretentious, so good for you, I guess. If you really have a problem with shit like that, go to the people who are actually in charge of making any decisions regarding the treatment of those animals... don't act all holier-than-thou to some random shopgirl or manager.. they're not even the buyers.

Lizz said...

I like the lipstick on you. Stila has a nice lipstain thats kind of a deep cranberry color that I really like. You may want to try that. Stains are also nice because they don't feel sticky or rub off on things as easily as lipstick does.

indigotangerine said...

I love these proportions with the vest and shirt. I'm a Revlon girl for lipstick (it's really smooth). I use this kinda mild pink generally (Pink in the Afternoon I think) usually because it's flattering on my skin tone, but I love to wear red around the house. And if I layer the pink on top of the red I get the nicest shade of hot pink. In summary: I love lipstick

Rondell said...

Girl, you look just like Jada Pinkett Smith in that outfit!

Anonymous said...

You're concerned about the angora rabbits, yet I'm wondering about all your boots you always wear. Are they leather?

Caroline said...

I absolutely love your blog! You are very talented, and stylish : ) Especially this outfit, whew, its pretty rad. I love it! I would love it if you would follow me back and check out my blog and leave some feedback!