Monday, April 23, 2012

I get the news I need on the weather report

I guess that today is a good day for colour! I woke up, stuck in a rut as to what to wear, and started thinking about recent spreads in some fashion magazines that I'd ran across. One that leapt to mind was a Nylon editorial from a couple issues back. It was a lot of bright colours and tribal prints and in one of the photos the model was wearing yellow shorts. I've had these shorts for a few years now and rarely wear them. They're from a vintage store called Up Six and I'm pretty sure I only bought them because they were my size and at the time I had about 2 other pairs of shorts. But it's a struggle to wear them. Yellow just isn't my colour, especially against my white as snow skin. Furthermore, yellow is hard to pair with! The Nylon spread took a great approach to the yellow shorts and just threw in tons of colour with them.
To deal with the whole "yellow doesn't look too sexy against my skin tone" dilemma, I threw on some stockings to mask my legs' blinding whiteness. And from there I decided to throw on colour. I bought this cute shirt from the Bettie Page Store in February. I'm a sucker for prints. Such a sucker that I will pay unreasonable amounts of dough to get my hands on a pretty print. I make sure that I wear this shirt enough to even out its high cost. Also, this is probably the highest quality garment I've ever bought from Bettie Page. I've found myself having to mend most of what I buy from there...or even bring it back in. I'm not even rough on my clothes, but, c'est la vie, etc. I think clothes are just not made as well these days.
Something about this colour combo says "pink lemonade" to me.
To play up the pink in every way possible, I even put on pink lipstick! This is a Lime Crime lipstick in Centrifuschia. I've been hearing a lot of bad things about Lime Crime makeup lately, which has me worried. I still love her photoshoots and style, but some of the things being revealed does make me concerned. I haven't had any trouble with the lipstick and it seems to be of high quality, but all the worries me that I'm wasting my money. I'm thinking of switching to a new brand for my lipstick. Any suggestions?
The last bit of pink pop was in these socks. I'm an avid sock collector (read: look for me on future episodes of Hoarders) and I love these solid coloured ones. Hot pink is one of the best colours! I paired it with these teal wedges from Madden Girl, to make the pink stand out even more. I think I've mentioned it before, but these wedges are amazing! Super easy to walk in (as long as you're on a hard, flat surface) and really attractive. Definitely a good buy and definitely something to incorporate into my wardrobe more often.
Classes end in less that two weeks (gah!) and I have a ton to get done in that time. But I also have some really exciting things to share on the blog and hopefully some great plans for summer. In the meantime, I must get going to write a paper! Toodles xx

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trending: Bangs

Bettie Page, Source: Google

Vogue Turkey, March 2012

Phi F/W 08, Photo by Steven Miesel

Source: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Source: Vogue

Louise Brooks, Source: Google

Source: Pin Up Girl Clothing
I've been thinking it's time for a change. I've had bangs since babyhood. I briefly grew them out when I was 10 but cut them back two years later, and haven't been rid of them since. I've tried different lengths, but so far I've best liked choppy bangs that skim my eyebrows, such as I have now.
That being said! I'm really into short, blunt "Bettie Page" bangs right now. Although Louise Brooks was also notable for her hair, I think most people identify them with Bettie Page better... So here is my question: What do you think of this style for bangs/fringe? And more importantly (ha!), should I cut my bangs in this style?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

yearning for paris.

Hello folks! I find myself writing to you, curled up in bed with my cat Peter and covered in tissues. Yes, I am sick again! I've been spending most of my time as of late working my tail off on schoolwork and trying to find a summer internship. Oh, I've also been watching plenty of Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra movies... School ends in 3 weeks & I promise to have plenty for you then. In the meantime, some inspiration. I've been yearning for Paris, especially.
Frank Sinatra.

Le Ballon Rouge. 1956.

Mark Shaw for LIFE Magazine. 1957. Dress by Christian Dior.

December 1943.

Gwen Lee.

La Vie Parisienne. December 1924.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

you must've dreamed it in your sleep

Hey folks! How's the day going? I crept outside into the sunshine today in order to snap some photos just for you! The whole time I was nervous that one of my new neighbours would walk out & find me being awkward in front of my tripod. I don't think anyone spotted me except their cat. That cat is always watching me! I'm sure this is a common problem among people & cats.

In honour of the spring weather, I pulled out these Mink Pink shorts. Okay, so I've actually been wearing them all winter, but I feel like florals and springtime go together like peanut butter & jelly, so I take extra care to wear them extra much during the springtime. Ignore my improper grammar. My grasp upon the English language is still a bit shakey after my 18+ years in the country. (I find myself extremely humourous sometimes.)
I've also been wearing my sunnies non-stop for the past couple of weeks because boy, that sun's been shining hard! It's starting to make me particularly doubtful of all those the-world-is-going-to-end conspirators. Sometimes I feel like people are so bored with life that they have to start thinking up little plots to make other people fearful that their own life may be ending soon.

Puppy came out from hiding to say hello, too! Boy, he sure does hate to have his picture taken... I think my smile has just enough touch of evil, and his eyes just enough touch of fear, to make this the most perfect photo of our relationship in front of the camera. And since this is a fashion blog, I should note that Moses is wearing his purple harness from PetSmart, which he's had for a couple of years now. Maybe it's time for a new one. I think something with spikes!

Besides Moses wearing his purple harness and me wearing my floral shorts, I was also wearing this Batman sweater from the H&M boy's section. It's such a great sweater because it's the perfect fit and it gets all the nerds! I also think it's a good reflection of my personal style - pretty quirky & a bit childish. But classic, all the same! Underneath I'm wearing my favourite bengal stripe button down. It's getting so shabby & I need to find a replacement soon....

I should also note that these shoes are super easy to walk in! I've had them for a bit now but never wear them because they seem daunting. I'll have to start wearing them's exactly like walking in flats, except sometimes a bit wobbly, especially over uneven surfaces. I always trust Steve Madden to make shoes that fit my needs.

Well, I have a fair bit of reading to do and an early day tomorrow. It's getting near the end of semester (uhhhh 4 & a half weeks left) so I'm all antsy to start summer and be able to devote more time to my sewing and crafty passions! Oh & don't forget to follow me on Pinterest!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today the weather was nice enough to wear this new dress I bought a few weeks ago from Primp, a boutique located on Selby & Dale in St. Paul. It's this crazy print on a very thin, silky material, and cut into a tent-like dress with very full sleeves. I don't paint a beautiful picture of it, but all the same I was drawn into it for unknown reasons. With a belt and the sleeves rolled up (I feel rather childish without) I think it pulls together very nicely.

Before I forget to mention, my father took these photos today! He's offered several times and on this occasion, I took him up on it. My father used to be a borderline professional photographer, but he never quite overcame the leap from film to digital. He struggles with my Pentax k200D but clearly had fun with it. Anyways, my father can be very enthusiastic about things, photography being one of them. Suddenly I found myself not in front of my father, but rather Bill Cunningham, clicking away on the shutter furiously. I might have to have my father out again for some more practice with the digital camera!

I've tried it with a red belt too (fits nicely) but I went for gold today, to match the shoes!

Sorry for the look...but hey, it's my face!
I like this dress for the late-sixties vibe I get from it. I'm crazy over fun prints and this one is no exception. I used to be a master at mixing patterns and I think it's time to get back into it. I went to the fabric store today and left with several yards of fabric printed with foxes and also some cat fabric. Time to start some new sewing projects!

These shoes are some of the most uncomfortable in the world. Very difficult to walk in...though so pretty, it's worth it! I also can't go for more than a couple hours in them. Last summer, I wore them for an entire night of traipsing through downtown Minneapolis and by the end of the night by feet with bleeding and covered with pus-y blisters. Hot stuff! And all in the name of fashion. Don't expect to see me flashing these babies very often, so get it while you can!