Sunday, May 31, 2009

tie dyed kid

Ah, the end of May. Only a matter of days (okay, 8.5) of school left, 7 finals to take, one giant life size portrait to finish, how I love this time of the year. Hopefully everything will slow down & I will be able to breath for a while. I get let out of school at noon on Wednesday the 10th of June. The next day I'm babysitting from 8 till 5 (whoo, what a way to spend your first day of summer holiday!) The next week I'm volunteering at a kids camp. My first month off is exhausting. But my birthday is the 22nd and the next day I'm going to see The Bigger Lights/Stereo Skyline/Hey Monday/This Providence/The Friday Night Boys with a friend. Wow, I just realized that that is a really big lineup....

Taking this (the above) photo, was incredibly difficult and required insane balancing skills (which I have none of - seriously, I will be standing comfortably on two feet, suddenly lose balance and completely fall over). But, it was a fun photo to take & I'm officially avoiding my basement ever since I found that mouse, which, after terrorizing the kitchen & living room that very evening, was never heard from again. He was around long enough for me to name him Stu, however. Anyways, I'm getting creative with where I'm taking my outfit photos.
Today I went on a rampage in order to find some cut offs (because what says comfy-study-clothes like a pair of cut offs?) and ended up taking absolutely everything out of my closet, reorganizing all my clothes, and putting them neatly back in. It took a couple of hours, but was completely worth it. Kind of. Turns out the cut offs were in the dryer (in the basement!) the whole time. So I put this outfit on instead. A pair of pink acid wash jeans, a very badly tie dyed tee shirt, and tie dyed socks. The socks used to be my sister's (when she was 8) but now they're mine....all the elastic is worn out, but they're quite festive so I wear them anyways.

p.s. It's my puppy's 6th birthday today! Happy birthday Moses!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

in the cash

Since I'm flat out broke right now (I wish I was being overdramatic, but I'm not - I have no money & no job), I can only dream. So, if I was in the cash, these are the things that I would buy.

Let's start out whimsically, & therefore at Modcloth.

The blue skirt is the prettiest colour. It reminds me of Cinderella. I love the simplicity of it, but the beautiful shape. (BB Dakota) This light pink dress is perfect for a tea party (sans Mad Hatter). The colour is so light and perfect, and it has a very romantic shape to it. (BB Dakota) Pink hightops! These are so cute & fun. They have heart shaped cut outs. I have this image in my head of little girls jump roping & blowing bubble gum.
Since Urban Outfitters is having a nice online sale currently, let's mosey on over there.....

I've had my greedy little eyes on these Cheap Monday ice wash skinnys for months & months. I go look at them everyday. The wash is gorgeous, I cannot get over it.
This dress has the most amazing shape! The fabric seems very interesting....a coated python fabric. Seems very interesting and perfect for a summer rock show.
I've been craving and craving a pair of harem pants. These have a drawstring & are less extreme. Maybe they will become my first pair?
Ahhhh! These shorts are another addiction! Summer is so close, and I really need a pair of shorts. These ones are high waste, with zippers up the sides. Really, extremely beautiful. (Cheap Monday)

Now, I thought we'd save the best of my lack of cash for last.....

This white, BB Dakota military-style jacket is my most recent obsession. It looks like a really simple, boring shape, but when you see it on someone it's amazing how fitted it looks.

Obviously it is not safe for me to be unleashed to the world of fashion while completely skint....but then again, who is this not safe to?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Sometimes I forget how much I love to use shuffle when listening to music. Sugarcult, Yoko Ono, The Temptations, Gavin DeGraw....lost favourites arise. I went to another Owl City/Swimming with Dolphins concert last night. This time however there was another opening act, Lydia. It was so much fun! I was with a really tall friend (he's like 6'2" or something) whose built really square-like (think Superman, broad shoulders), so he pushed his way up the front & I followed obidently. Concerts really are much better when you're near the front. You feel like less of an idiot dancing. It's also pretty exciting when you can see the musician's stubble because you're just that close to him!

After the concert we went out and got drinks. I got apple cider & apparently it was pretty hot because I managed to burn my tongue, the roof of my mouth, my entire throat, and my stomach. I can no longer taste or feel anything that I digest or put in my mouth. Fantastic.

So, here is what I wore today. Yesss, I wore denim on top and bottom. *hides* I've finally gotten out of my all-grey phase & am now in an all-blue phase, apparently. Anyways, I'm wearing some dark wash skinnys, an Urban Renewal denim shirt, a turquoise beater, and this light & dark blue tank. Ohh, and as far as jewelry goes (I'm getting really into it all of a sudden!) I'm wearing a frog pin & my turquoise rings.
These are the shoes I wore. I bought them....last week? Steven Madden, at DSW on sale for $30. They weren't in the right box, so I explained to the bloke at the cash register that it wasn't the right box (so he would scan the price on the shoes, not the box). He got so confused and didn't know whether I wanted to buy them. Such a hassle, but completely worth it.

This photo makes it obvious that I have a future in hand modelling (joking). The lovely VT on my hand is from last night (for Varsity Theater, where the gig was). I woke up and it was imprinted on my jaw, too. Apparently I slept with the back of my hand smashed up against my face. Well, glad to know that I sleep attractively.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

there's a mouse in the basement

It's been so long since I've done anything outfit-related. Wow, feels weird. Anyways, I went job hunting today and came back with a grand total of 4 job applications to fill out; the movie theater, Starbucks, Noodles & Company, and a local coffee shop (but that's only a one week position at the state fair). I got this skirt a couple weeks ago from Urban Outfitters' online sale ($20!). It's a bit big, though...size 0, I take 00. And I have broken out the $6 Keds again. And now have blisters on my heels from traipsing around in them.

Anyways, while I was taking these photos in my basement, I saw a mouse. I was standing there waiting for the self timer to stop beeping, looked over by the toilet, and saw this big furry, grey mouse. At first I was all like, "Oh hey, a mouse. How cute." But then I realized I was in my basement & mice should not be in my house (we've never had a problem with them before, only in our garage). So I started freaking out, and this (mildy epic) photo resulted:

So there you have it. We have a mouse in my basement. He's really cute, too. I wish I could catch him & keep him as a pet, but no, he'll have to die (at the hands of my father).

Tonight I'm going to the opening of my friend's art exhibit. Looking forward to that. By the way, I watched This is England last night. Why does everyone make such a huge deal out of that movie? It was good, but not as brilliant as everyone raves. There was no plot, just characters.