Saturday, May 2, 2009

there's a mouse in the basement

It's been so long since I've done anything outfit-related. Wow, feels weird. Anyways, I went job hunting today and came back with a grand total of 4 job applications to fill out; the movie theater, Starbucks, Noodles & Company, and a local coffee shop (but that's only a one week position at the state fair). I got this skirt a couple weeks ago from Urban Outfitters' online sale ($20!). It's a bit big, though...size 0, I take 00. And I have broken out the $6 Keds again. And now have blisters on my heels from traipsing around in them.

Anyways, while I was taking these photos in my basement, I saw a mouse. I was standing there waiting for the self timer to stop beeping, looked over by the toilet, and saw this big furry, grey mouse. At first I was all like, "Oh hey, a mouse. How cute." But then I realized I was in my basement & mice should not be in my house (we've never had a problem with them before, only in our garage). So I started freaking out, and this (mildy epic) photo resulted:

So there you have it. We have a mouse in my basement. He's really cute, too. I wish I could catch him & keep him as a pet, but no, he'll have to die (at the hands of my father).

Tonight I'm going to the opening of my friend's art exhibit. Looking forward to that. By the way, I watched This is England last night. Why does everyone make such a huge deal out of that movie? It was good, but not as brilliant as everyone raves. There was no plot, just characters.


EmmaO said...

I love your shoes soo much. I have a few pairs of keds too ;)
haha if I saw a mouse i would defs scream too lol


The Magic Doll said...

I'll have to check out This is Egland, and see if it is worth all the hype. Yet again, many plotless films like Napoleon Dynamite and Waynes World, are amongst my favourite filmns, so I guess charcters are good. Love the new hair, and the colour of the skirt is beautiful.

The Clothes Horse said...

The sneakers add a nice punch to your outfit.

Isabel said...

Did you get your hair cut? It looks really good!

Haha, I absolutely loved 'This Is England'. But I often feel that way about movies that everyone seems to like too, particularly the Virgin Suicides.

chlo, said...

you're amazing, and have such of a style! i admire you, sincerely.

Andie said...

awesome shoes! you have a mouse in your basement? awwww, too bad you cant keep him/her
its better than having a rat thats for sure

Anonymous said...

I caught a little mouse in my basement once and put it in my old hamster's cage and named it Quincy! But it died the next day =/

Ayse said...

When i saw your post on i was surprised to see a french title & to see you were from Minnesota !
I am glad to discover a such beautiful style in Minnesota (i am French ! if you want i can talk to you in french) & i am going to MN this summer ! yihaa ! :)
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kisses !

Hannah said...

That photo is AMAZING.