Sunday, May 24, 2009

in the cash

Since I'm flat out broke right now (I wish I was being overdramatic, but I'm not - I have no money & no job), I can only dream. So, if I was in the cash, these are the things that I would buy.

Let's start out whimsically, & therefore at Modcloth.

The blue skirt is the prettiest colour. It reminds me of Cinderella. I love the simplicity of it, but the beautiful shape. (BB Dakota) This light pink dress is perfect for a tea party (sans Mad Hatter). The colour is so light and perfect, and it has a very romantic shape to it. (BB Dakota) Pink hightops! These are so cute & fun. They have heart shaped cut outs. I have this image in my head of little girls jump roping & blowing bubble gum.
Since Urban Outfitters is having a nice online sale currently, let's mosey on over there.....

I've had my greedy little eyes on these Cheap Monday ice wash skinnys for months & months. I go look at them everyday. The wash is gorgeous, I cannot get over it.
This dress has the most amazing shape! The fabric seems very interesting....a coated python fabric. Seems very interesting and perfect for a summer rock show.
I've been craving and craving a pair of harem pants. These have a drawstring & are less extreme. Maybe they will become my first pair?
Ahhhh! These shorts are another addiction! Summer is so close, and I really need a pair of shorts. These ones are high waste, with zippers up the sides. Really, extremely beautiful. (Cheap Monday)

Now, I thought we'd save the best of my lack of cash for last.....

This white, BB Dakota military-style jacket is my most recent obsession. It looks like a really simple, boring shape, but when you see it on someone it's amazing how fitted it looks.

Obviously it is not safe for me to be unleashed to the world of fashion while completely skint....but then again, who is this not safe to?


Emma said...

ahhhh i know what you mean!
I've been wanting those jeans for a while too.

Nice post! xoxo

Emz said...

I feel your pain!

yiqin; said...

That is a PERFECT jacket! I want it too!