Wednesday, November 24, 2010

snow bunny

Hmmm so I must have lied when I said it would be another week or so until I get back into the blogosphere, because here I am! There will still be one more guest blogger, a friend of mine who I know via Lookbook, and maybe a few more... (;

I was locked out of my house for an hour the other day. It was, supposedly, the coldest day since Febuary (just my luck!) and my little toes nearly froze off in my cowboy boots. After that incident, I used a good chunk of my paycheck to invest in some Minnesota-proof winter boots. I bought these furry guys at Macy's from a brand called Khombu. They're so cute and make my feet feel like I'm walking on a toasty cloud! Supposedly they protect your feet even at -20°F...which I'll need, come January.

Haha, my hair was so bedhead-y and awful today. Apologies. I'm still wearing half my PJ's, actually, but that's all you really want to wear when it's cold & snowy out! The frilly shorts are from Target. I believe they're pajama shorts, but I think they're too damn cute to save just for the bedroom! I've begun quite the collection of knit thigh highs. I like to wear them to bed in place of pants, because pants ride up and get all twisted. Plus, your feet are always cold! These ones, with the pom poms, are from Target!

I've also started a decent mitten collection. They're nearly as good as socks!! My boyfriend bought me these little guys last July-ish time. They're not warm or soft at all, haha. The cold air goes straight through, but they're festive and the money went to cancer research!

After I took these photos the snow picked up and we've got quite a bit on the ground now, with more on the way! Snow is one of the most magical, glorious, beautiful things on earth. I hope that everyone gets to see it at least sometime in life. Trust me, it's even better than in the movies!

My boyfriend also bought me these froggy mittens! He's very concerned about keeping my hands warm (; These guys are sooooo toasty warm and super cute, if not a little child-ish. We bought them from a kiosk in the mall. I haggled the price down with the worker, to the amazement of my boyfriend. I just have my way with some people...
Anyways, I hope everyone is staying warm in the snow & cold! And to all you Americans, have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe on Black Friday! I work allll day that day (at the Mall of America!!) so I won't have time to do any shopping. Do some for me, though!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what I've been up to

Obviously I've been very busy the past couple of weeks. There's still another guest blogger before I get back into the blogosphere, but in the meantime here's what I've been up to (besides school, biology, work, biology, school, and oh...biology):

I rode rides over at Nickelodeon Universe (aka work!) This is me on the Backyardigans Swing-a-long, which is my second favourite ride at Nick (my first is the Avatar Airbender ride). If you ever go to Nick Universe, go on those two!

For Halloween I was a flapper and my boyfriend was a sailor. I don't have any photos (besides this), but maybe I can find some the next time I go up north. It was pretty fun being a flapper for a day. I wish I could've been one back in the '20s!

The first snowfall!! I woke up at 3am to watch it fall (actually my sister's drunk boyfriend called me and it woke me up). We got 6" but it was so wet out, and hardly below freezing, so most of it has melted. It was still pretty while it lasted! I got to watch it from work, and then I got out from work and it began to rain. Just my luck!

Basshunter! I went with a bunch of friends to see Basshunter perform at Epic nightclub in Minneapolis. It was pretty awesome, I had loads of fun (except I had had no sleep the night before & worked all day) and I danced like crazy! By the time Basshunter actually got on I was wiped out. He only played for hardly an hour, and he kept replaying his famous songs! Kind of a let down.

Playing in the snow! My favourite part of winter. I'm obsessed with stockings right now. I was wearing three different pairs on this particular day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

guest blogger: Rebecca from See You in Sweden!

While my laptop is in for repairs, I'm having a series of my favourite fashion bloggers do some guest posts here on Urban Tease about fall/winter fashion! The first girl to be featured is the absolutely lovely Rebecca from See You In Sweden(!):

Hi guys! I'm Rebecca from See You in Sweden filling in for the irreplaceable Chloe while Godfrey is undergoing some R&R. Chloe asked me what my one fashion staple would be and how would I style it. My mind went straight to plaid shirts.

Plaid shirts may be more Canadian than Paris or New York but I think Canada is on the right track with these instant chic makers. They are my go-to item in any season, but in autumn and winter there's nothing like the warmth and style a plaid shirt can give you. I have many plaid shirts and here's just a few things I like to do with them:

This is casual but dressy and the flannel fabric keeps my breezy dress warm and weather-appropriate.
Shirt, dress- Target, Belt, tights- H&M, Shoes- Zara, Lipstick- NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in 728 Iris

When I want to go casual but still look taller than my petite frame I grab opaque black tights and a black wedge.
Shirt- Target, Shorts- Delia's, Tights- H&M, Shoes- Bamboo, Lipstick- NYC Jumbo Lip Pencil in 723 Narcisse

I like to have fun with my plaid shirts and this is a subtle way to mix patterns. When it's really cold I'll throw a comfy sweater cardigan over this.
Shirt- American Eagle, Skirt- Target, Tights- H&M, Shoes- Forever XXI, Lipstick- NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in 723 Narcisse

You don't always need to wear tights with shorts in the winter. These are a fun pair of thigh-highs I picked up for $2. I love pom-poms!
Shirt- American Eagle, Belt- H&M, Shorts- Delia's, Socks- Target, Shoes- Zara, Lipstick- Avon's Poppy Love

This is the most dressed up I have been able to get a plaid shirt! With a plaid shirt in a sateen-like fabric I would definitely wear this combination to some fancy places :)
Shirt- American Eagle, Dress as skirt, belt- H&M, Shoes- Forever XXI, Lipstick- Mark's Cha-Cha

When I want a plaid shirt to look smart and take it from lumberjack to Parisian chic, I play with a solid colored scarf to add volume and spice :)
Shirt- American Eagle, Scarf, pants- H&M, Shoes- Forever XXI, Belt Delia's, Lipstick- Avon's Poppy Love

If you see me on a casual day, running errands, etc. I'm wearing a version of this. Guaranteed. A comfy plaid shirt so I don't look sloppy, black or knit pants and my leather boots. Depending on what I'm doing I can easily switch up the shoes to wellies, wedges, etc. I call this my "uniform." I think every girl and guy should have a flattering but comfy go-to outfit when they're in a rush or can't think that day.
Shirt- American Eagle, Pants- Delia's, Shoes- Katie&Kelly, Lipstick- Avon's Poppy Love

And don't even get me started on plaid anything else! OK, fine, here's a plaid dress that I wear casually chic like this and to a "comfy work" day with black tights and flats.
Dress- H&M, Socks-Target, Shoes- American Eagle, Ring- Forever XXI, Lipstick- Mark's Cha-Cha

Thanks for reading guys and hope this has given you a few new ideas for your plaid shirts. If you want to come check out my little bloggity, See You in Sweden, I promise I don't wear plaid shirts all the time!

P.S. American Eagle has the best plaid shirts, especially in Autumn. All bows and ribbons are from the Dollar section at the craft store :)