Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what I've been up to

Obviously I've been very busy the past couple of weeks. There's still another guest blogger before I get back into the blogosphere, but in the meantime here's what I've been up to (besides school, biology, work, biology, school, and oh...biology):

I rode rides over at Nickelodeon Universe (aka work!) This is me on the Backyardigans Swing-a-long, which is my second favourite ride at Nick (my first is the Avatar Airbender ride). If you ever go to Nick Universe, go on those two!

For Halloween I was a flapper and my boyfriend was a sailor. I don't have any photos (besides this), but maybe I can find some the next time I go up north. It was pretty fun being a flapper for a day. I wish I could've been one back in the '20s!

The first snowfall!! I woke up at 3am to watch it fall (actually my sister's drunk boyfriend called me and it woke me up). We got 6" but it was so wet out, and hardly below freezing, so most of it has melted. It was still pretty while it lasted! I got to watch it from work, and then I got out from work and it began to rain. Just my luck!

Basshunter! I went with a bunch of friends to see Basshunter perform at Epic nightclub in Minneapolis. It was pretty awesome, I had loads of fun (except I had had no sleep the night before & worked all day) and I danced like crazy! By the time Basshunter actually got on I was wiped out. He only played for hardly an hour, and he kept replaying his famous songs! Kind of a let down.

Playing in the snow! My favourite part of winter. I'm obsessed with stockings right now. I was wearing three different pairs on this particular day!


tess said...

aww the first snowfall in MN is always magical, sad I missed it

mathilde said...

glad you're back & had a great time c:

archives said...

ah..your hair is SO CUTE!!!! and snow....wow, i am so not ready for that!

Cassidy said...

SNOW!!!!! You're so lucky. We don't get snow on the coast of California :(