Tuesday, November 2, 2010

guest blogger: Rebecca from See You in Sweden!

While my laptop is in for repairs, I'm having a series of my favourite fashion bloggers do some guest posts here on Urban Tease about fall/winter fashion! The first girl to be featured is the absolutely lovely Rebecca from See You In Sweden(!):

Hi guys! I'm Rebecca from See You in Sweden filling in for the irreplaceable Chloe while Godfrey is undergoing some R&R. Chloe asked me what my one fashion staple would be and how would I style it. My mind went straight to plaid shirts.

Plaid shirts may be more Canadian than Paris or New York but I think Canada is on the right track with these instant chic makers. They are my go-to item in any season, but in autumn and winter there's nothing like the warmth and style a plaid shirt can give you. I have many plaid shirts and here's just a few things I like to do with them:

This is casual but dressy and the flannel fabric keeps my breezy dress warm and weather-appropriate.
Shirt, dress- Target, Belt, tights- H&M, Shoes- Zara, Lipstick- NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in 728 Iris

When I want to go casual but still look taller than my petite frame I grab opaque black tights and a black wedge.
Shirt- Target, Shorts- Delia's, Tights- H&M, Shoes- Bamboo, Lipstick- NYC Jumbo Lip Pencil in 723 Narcisse

I like to have fun with my plaid shirts and this is a subtle way to mix patterns. When it's really cold I'll throw a comfy sweater cardigan over this.
Shirt- American Eagle, Skirt- Target, Tights- H&M, Shoes- Forever XXI, Lipstick- NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in 723 Narcisse

You don't always need to wear tights with shorts in the winter. These are a fun pair of thigh-highs I picked up for $2. I love pom-poms!
Shirt- American Eagle, Belt- H&M, Shorts- Delia's, Socks- Target, Shoes- Zara, Lipstick- Avon's Poppy Love

This is the most dressed up I have been able to get a plaid shirt! With a plaid shirt in a sateen-like fabric I would definitely wear this combination to some fancy places :)
Shirt- American Eagle, Dress as skirt, belt- H&M, Shoes- Forever XXI, Lipstick- Mark's Cha-Cha

When I want a plaid shirt to look smart and take it from lumberjack to Parisian chic, I play with a solid colored scarf to add volume and spice :)
Shirt- American Eagle, Scarf, pants- H&M, Shoes- Forever XXI, Belt Delia's, Lipstick- Avon's Poppy Love

If you see me on a casual day, running errands, etc. I'm wearing a version of this. Guaranteed. A comfy plaid shirt so I don't look sloppy, black or knit pants and my leather boots. Depending on what I'm doing I can easily switch up the shoes to wellies, wedges, etc. I call this my "uniform." I think every girl and guy should have a flattering but comfy go-to outfit when they're in a rush or can't think that day.
Shirt- American Eagle, Pants- Delia's, Shoes- Katie&Kelly, Lipstick- Avon's Poppy Love

And don't even get me started on plaid anything else! OK, fine, here's a plaid dress that I wear casually chic like this and to a "comfy work" day with black tights and flats.
Dress- H&M, Socks-Target, Shoes- American Eagle, Ring- Forever XXI, Lipstick- Mark's Cha-Cha

Thanks for reading guys and hope this has given you a few new ideas for your plaid shirts. If you want to come check out my little bloggity, See You in Sweden, I promise I don't wear plaid shirts all the time!

P.S. American Eagle has the best plaid shirts, especially in Autumn. All bows and ribbons are from the Dollar section at the craft store :)



Abaca said...

Great outfits, thanks for all the ideas :)

Bad Taste Toast said...

Ah I love plaid shirts! And I love how you style them so effortlessly chic! Great photos, you look so darling in every single one :)

Robyn said...

Plaid may be a fairly Canadian feeling thing, but I still only have a plaid scarf. huh! I love the long black skirt though, it's fantastic!


Cowbiscuits said...

wow she is absolutely gorgeous and has an awesome shoe collection! xx

-marta said...

absolutely lovely guest post! Plaid is always great for the fall :)

Marie said...

Great post, Rebecca!:D

I like all the outfits. #2 and #3 are my favorites!:D

***** Marie *****

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

@Marie- Thanks Marie so much!!

Thank you everyone else :)

Olya Nikol Pishcheva said...

Love the post, great outfits!.. ~

Cee said...

You know, I had never put it together but your love of Canada does explain your love of plaid, at least in some ways :) I spent a fair amount of my childhood wearing kilts- thank-you, Scottish cultural events; it's a long story I'll share someday- and so I have a mild horror of plaid, but thanks to your inspiration, I recently bought my first plaid shirt. Now I just have to figure out how to wear it :)