Wednesday, October 27, 2010

inspiration / computer broken

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been able to update for the past couple of weeks. My beloved laptop, Godfrey, broke and it will be a few weeks until he's back up & running! I'm not even sure if I'll be able to recover all my photos, music, documents, etc. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!! I miss my little Godfrey already )=

In the meantime, I'll be uploading photos, videos, etc. which I find inspiration in. Today I have recent photos of 3 fabulous ladies who I greatly admire.

You may remember Emily Browning, the darling Aussie actress, from A Series of Unfortunate Events all those years back! She's in a new movie called Sucker Punch with Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, and some other very famous young female actresses.

She looks like such a doll with the short hair and bright eyes! Em is so lucky because she has great natural beauty. I also adore her current hair colour. I'm thinking of dying my hair something like this... It offsets her pale skin beautifully.

Emma Stone! I saw Easy A, which was so great. Emma is ridiculously funny and so amazingly pretty. I love her hair and her eyes. And well, everything about her. Major girl crush.

I loved her Nylon magazine photoshoot, too. I want her hair colour, it's so lovely!

Emma Watson! She's getting a lot of hate for her new pixie, but I think she looks bloody amazing. It was such a great move - a fresh look for a new era!

She's set to be in a new movie about Marilyn Monroe, which I'm already excited for and I don't think they've even begun filming.

Okay, this photo doesn't really fit in with the rest, but Em looks incredible. I love the dress and the earrings. It proves that ladies with short hair can still look fabulous. My boyfriend absolutely denies that girls look good with short hair - but so does his mum! Okay, so maybe it's a very boyish cut...but who cares?? Emma looks sexy and cute in it, even if it is boyish.

This here must be the absolutely most beautiful photo of Emma that I've ever seen. She looks so delicate and beautiful. I could stare at this forever and still be amazed.

Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon. The man from Hewlitt-Packard said it will take a lot of time & dedication to recover all of my files. I'm not excited about that, but anything to keep all those memories and get Godfrey back in the game.

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Abaca said...

Emma Watson ♥
Beautiful woman (yeah now that she has short hair, she's not a girl anymore :p).

Lina said...

emily and emma. aw, they are so beautiful

Erin said...

I agree, the last picture of Emma is absolutely breathtaking

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness oh my goodness.

I did not even recognize that it was Emma Watson. I definitely agree with you, she looks AMAZING with the pixie. Good move.

-i'm a sucker for pixies, especially if the girl knows how to work it.

Madeline said...

They're all such beautiful young to emma's new haircut, she's still amazingly gorgeous i'm sure she still would be if she was wearing a potato sack or covered in mud!

▲ T. LINH ▲ said...

i love your whoooole blog! :)
where can i follow u`???

Cassidy said...

I love Emily Browning! I like her better with short hair than longer hair. She looks lovely!

So does Emma Watson. She's so beautiful that she could pull of anything.

I admire girls who can have short hair :)

tess said...

I'm still mixed on the new Emma haircut. Depending on how its styled she looks absolutely gorgeous and it highlights her femininity OR she just looks haphazard and too boyish. I'd say its a semi successful cut. But I do admire the woman behind it, she's a promising actress, intelligent, eco conscious, and styling to the max!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

They all look so lovely.

The Body Electric said...

Did you know that Emily Browning was actually Stephanie Meyer's first pick for who should play Bella in the Twilight movies. Dang, I wish she'd gotten her way!!!! She would have been perfect and not painful to watch like Kristen Stewart is. :-(