Tuesday, February 22, 2011

good things to come

I've been busy reading Moliere's "Le Tartuffe", watching snow storms from my bedroom window, and behaving like a love struck schoolgirl.

I hear that good things come in 3's. So now I wait for the third to come along.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

love among the millionaires

I tried so hard to find a spot in my house where I could take these photos, but alas, nothing! So I braved the outside, where it was 3°F/-16°C & also super windy (I had to hold the slip down - I have a few photos where it looks like a balloon!). Let's just say, I'm greatly anticipating springtime and the above freezing temperatures it brings.
In the end, I was probably outside for 5 minutes at most, took a few photos then scurried on in and put on my froggy mittens to warm my fingers. Ah ! the sacrifices which we make for our arts.

Today is "no school, no work, no pants" day. I'm wearing a black slip from Heritage 1981 which I got last year and an American Apparel lace blouse which I got with a giftcard from my sister. It's super pretty and a wonderful piece! I'm also wearing a vintage 1920's bracelet which I got a few months ago from Bohemian Bisoux. It's so beautiful, but extremely delicate & many of the rhinestones are missing. I'd like to bring it to a jeweler's & have it restored.
I do wish I had a closer up picture so you could see my makeup. I lined my eyes with black liner, smudged that, and then put bright blue eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eyes. It's definitely a new look for me, as I usually go with browns & greens.

My boyfriend & I broke up a few weeks ago. It was a mutual split and we're still on great terms (in fact, we're going thrifting on Thursday because my mum threw out my old army jacket & now I must find a replacement!), and I've now decided that I will not commit to a serious relationship until August. By August, I will have graduated high school, turned 18, just gotten back from my month in Europe, be starting design school, and finding a place of my own. It'll be a new phase of my life and I don't want to try to transition a relationship through all of that. In the meantime, I've been enjoying dating and meeting new people!

Anyways, I must go write a paper on a Baudelaire poem for my French Literature class. I'll end this with a link to a recent interview I did with Fashion Paparazzis. Please check it out here!
slip - Heritage 1981; lace top - American Apparel; tights - Hue; heels - Madden Girl