Friday, July 11, 2008

recent challenge: V-Necks

I've exclusively worn tee shirts for the past 4 years that quite literally choked around my neck, the curse of those cute-sy screen print tees. so when I saw a v neck orange pullover at Heritage yesterday I sprung for it. heck, I'll have to give v neck a try sometime, right? plus I couldn't pass up the bright colour & $4 price tag. Soon after I stumbled into Urban Outfitters and snuck around in the sale racks for a while (you can find amazing deals back there) & purchased two more v neck tops (plus a rather plunging polo) for $10 each.
So, I'm officially giving it a try. after seeing all those stick skinny yet small chested models (hey, A cupper here!) pulling it off, I figured I could too. of course I'm one of those people who must wash everything new before wearing it, so I haven't given any of them a try yet, but I'm feeling very confident about this new challenge. what do you guys think of v necks? any necklines you should challenge yourself to try?

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