Tuesday, March 8, 2011

she's all by herself but she's never alone

Happy almost spring everyone! Minnesotan weather is so bipolar, today was above freezing and the 7 foot snowbanks in the alley were melting away. Tomorrow? We're supposed to get snow!
I didn't realise how warm (35°F!) it is was out today, so I went outside expecting the worst and dressed like this...

Nice and warm for a mild winter day - but spring! No way! So I stripped off this deliciously oversized jacket, down to my jean jacket.

I was definitely going for a '90s look today. For those who like math, here is an equation for you (and even if you do not like math, such as me, you might find this problem to be pretty elementary):
floral + fishnets + cheetah print + chunky platforms + pastels + jean jacket = 1990s

I was your token '90s child. I wore leggings and velvet turtle necks everyday. I cried the day that my 101 Dalmatians sweatshirt got acrylic paint on it in first grade. I still have my sunflower print dress and my button down with pastel sunglasses printed on it. I know my shit.

I just got these shorts last week. I'm not a huge fan of floral in dresses and blouses - it's just too flouncy and girly for me! But these shorts have edge and are a great statement piece. They underplay the other statement pieces in this look (diamond fishnets, blue wedges, cheetah print beret).

I've always been too shy to wear these tights alone. I find that fishnets are difficult pull off without looking trashy (which, Hell, I am, but I don't like to go around promoting it). However, I was feeling bold today and figured that a) I needed some black, and b) what's one more pattern thrown into the mix?

I've decided that I'm going to start running. That is my springtime resolution (yes, apparently I make seasonal resolutions now!). I will start by going to Target and buying myself some workout clothes with my next paycheck - this is the most exciting prospect of my entire resolution. Since I'm not one for physical activity, I will run a little bit at a time and hopefully gain some endurance and boost my energy and appetite. I look forward to getting all dressed up in my gear and looking like I actually know what I'm doing. If anyone runs, please give me tips! I don't want to look like the sort of amateur person who goes running just for the cute gear. Even if I am.

This photo shows my tough-girl-interior. I think it says, "I will kick yo ass, punk!"
Well, that or something like, "Look ma! I can stand on one foot in 5 inch wedges!"

wedges - Madden Girl; thigh highs - American Apparel; tights - Modcloth; shorts - Mink Pink via Modcloth; belt - from my great aunt; jean jacket - Guess; oversized jacket - thrifted; button down - Macy's something; drawstring bag - Modcloth; beret - H&M


Morica said...

P.S. on running..make sure you start out slow and give youself a goal, don't worry about going fast just ran at the pace you need :) good luck and happy running

Mitzi said...

This is soooo cool, I love the print-mixing!! The hat and shorts are my favourite. I wish I still had some of the sweeet 90s clothes I had when I was little! A striped red dress that would have been like a peplum t-shirt on me now comes to mind... :(
I'm a total amateur run/jogger, just in it for the cute workout clothes too ;) I just go to the gym and use the treadmill, but I'm thinking of doing the outside thang when it's nice out again. Keep us posted on how it goes! Haha ;)

mathilde said...

Everything looks good on you!

about running: don't eat 2 hours before you go running else you'll get nasty cramps ):

Aurum Doily said...

Thanks for your comment! I love your blog It's one of my favorites.

I run sometimes. I like to get out early in the morning and run a nice scenic trail. After you build endurance and stamina you can chase that "runner's high" feeling. It's really refreshing.

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

I really love all of the print mixing here. That hat is so cute and I love how you paired it with the shorts.

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine weather that cold in March! It was up to 85 yesterday here!

April said...

gorgeous as always


Tea For Two said...

I agree, the shorts do have a great edge to them. I love what you've teamed them with. The socks look so warm.

Ashley said...

I love your style and blog! I love 90's inspired looks, so I'm all about this. And I'm from Minnesota too! Where abouts do you live?


This is such a perfect balance of feminine and edgy. Love those floral shorts.

Erin said...

Running is really such a rewarding exercise--Don't be alarmed if, during your run, you think to yourself "Jeezuz, why am I doing this again?!" After its all done, your muscles will thank you, you will feel great and probably amazed at whatever distance you managed! And about running gear--I find that if I look put-together and athletic, I FEEL better when I run, more so than when I wear my ratty t-shirt and old soccer shorts. So get an outfit that makes you feel pro, and post pictures here so we can see :P

Ellen - ellastankar.blogg.se/fashion said...

I love your style, and you hair!!

Alysha E. Marie said...

I love how well you can pull off the mix-matchy look. I am not above being a total matchy-matchy freak, and it is nice to see someone who can really be bold with their patterns. Much love. <3

Maria N said...

I love your shoes! and your shorts are soo cute :)