Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ces bottes sont faites pour marcher

Chadwick Tyler is such a phenomenal photographer. His series of photos done with Supreme Models Agency is especially wonderful (though somewhat haunting, as all the models are gaunt and sickly looking). This photo above, combined with the photo Tyler took of Cecilia Mendez (below), inspired my most recent photographed outfit.

Although I don't have their totally kickin' white cowboy boots (or 5'9", size 00 bodies), I decided to drag out my own boots which I bought some many years ago from the sales rack in the kid's section of Marshall Field's (R.I.P.). Since then they've been worn probably about 5 times and (at a size 3) are getting too small for my feet! So now I whip them out at every opportunity I get.

I found the idea of pairing shorts with boots somewhat risky. After a girl from my school wore brown knee-high, pointy toed boots paired with khaki cargo shorts, I was somewhat hesitant to give it a go. But I liked the way it looked in Chadwick Tyler's photos. The cut offs were once a pair of my sister's jeans from Delia's (5 sizes too big for me) and I bought the shirt at Target a few years ago. Target does not know how to cut a shirt and the sleeves are very, very awkward. My cowboy boots are Steve Madden.

The jeans also have a very cool embroidered detail on the back. I really like the wash of these jeans. This outfit works really great for the Minnesota summers, which are rarely boiling hot and often have a slight breeze.
Anyways, today I signed up for classes at the college I'm going to next year. I'm still in high school (a junior) but I'm taking college courses instead. I'll be taking karate (required phy. ed. credit), photography (film!), US history (requirement for graduation), and French. So basically only two classes that will fill requirements. Haha! That means next semester I'll be taking biology, geography, english, and math. Oy vey.


Cesc said...

I am loving the boots!


Swee said...

Aww you look so cute.
Hehe, just wondering, how tall are you?

Chris said...

I second that last question!

Annie Spandex said...

I definitely think the boots and shorts are working for you :) Love the short hair!

La Chauve-Souris said...

I love your short girl