Friday, July 31, 2009

ditch him or die, hipster scum

...And I went on an unannounced hiatus. Oops. I was expecting to have more free time than I did. Well, I guess I never mentioned this, but I had an exchange student from France come stay with me for most of July. He left yesterday and I already miss him very much. His name was Alexandre and he was extremely funny and creative. We went shopping a lot and he likes to go into a store 3 times before purchasing anything. We spent the majority of our days in American Apparel, so I now know where everything is in that store & am even familiar with several of the employees.

Anyways, on one of our shopping expeditions to Urban Outfitters, I ran across this (pictured) tee shirt in the men's section. I squealed so loud and just about died laughing. "Die Hipster Scum" ohhh myyyy. So, naturally I had to buy it, despite the smallest size being a M (when I am a women's XS).

Ahhh, it's too hilarious. Anyways, I was just hanging around the house today, so I skipped the pants and just went for socks. They're my sister's socks (I would never pay $25 for socks even if they were Juicy Couture & even if they did say "Ditch Him") but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's ever worn them.
By the way, some people asked how tall I I guess I can let you in on this little secret. I'm a little over 5 feet tall. Yes! I'm so short. It's really not a fun height to be when your biggest dream, since you were just a little tyke looking through Target ads, has been to be a model. I've never had a growth spurt in my life. Besides being little over 5 feet tall, I have a shoe size of 4....which makes finding shoes ridiculously difficult (& sometimes impossible). So now I have a question for you - how tall did you think I was?


Anonymous said...

haha funny shirt

I'm only 5'2"

Emma said...

I love the shirt!! so awesome

Shahan said...

I love your hair like that
And haha, the shirt is really funny:)

Annie Spandex said...

I love the socks. Dignity before dudes always! ;)

Cesc said...

That t-shirt is crazy cool! I love talking-tees.

I'm only 5'4", which I guess is kinda short. But I always tell people : I'm not short, I'm funsized!

Love the socks, btw.


D. said...

hey girl! were u still eyeing the blue Lady dragons? i ended up buying to blue ones too but they weren't bright enough in person for me to love. :( if you're a size 7, IDLM should have more now/soon! btw, pants are for squares. muwahhaha.

Chris said...

I thought you were 5'3"! So I was close. :P

And that shirt remains awesome. The size suits you.

And I'm a lot like Alexandre, haha. I am so bad about buying things since I'm so stingy and have this backwards fear in the sane part of my head that tries to tell me I'll regret anything I buy. I hate going back into the stores though, ironically, cause I know the people at the counter are thinking, "Why is he back AGAIN?!" I'm indecisive!!! I'm sorry! XD

yiqin; said...

I like the knee socks.

Patricia said...

hey, i remember you from lookbook :D
i wish i were on an exchange program!
& your shirt is too cool haha :P

CH!C $hock said...

i totally can realate to you.
i have the smallest feet and i'm 5'1!

- metallic . said...

you are very photogentic [i'm sure i spelled that wrong]

i thought you were 5'3