Thursday, January 8, 2009

grey gardens is my home

You know when you're talking to the man who holds the key to the fate of your education and he asks who your heroes are and you tell him Little Edie & Big Edie because "they swear so much and it's hilarious"? That's when you know you just killed any chance of getting into one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country.

Then I went home and found a photo of Karl Lagerfeld in a magazine and it dawned on me - he's 69, looks gorgeous, is German, is king of the Chanel empire, is still wearing skinny jeans - why the heck didn't I mention him as my hero?

But what it worse - Little Edie & Big Edie or Karl Lagerfeld as your hero?

I have testing on Saturday morning and then there's a long wait until March 10 when I find out my fate - prep school or non?

note to self: it's high time to find some new heroes. Why can I not have normal heroes like normal people do?


Kelly said...

well, you can hope that maybe the guy had some sense of humor.
or else your screwed...
karl lagerfield would make a good hero though!

Kelly said...

i just put lagerFIELD.
wow...i'm so brilliant.

L.P. said...

I like your answer. What the heck would they have wanted you to say anyway? Mom? Dad? boring.

Isabel said...

Haha, you should've said 'Big and Little Edie because of their touching mother-daughter relationship' or something sappy like that. :)