Thursday, February 5, 2009

Conan, only in Sweden

I just really like Conan O'Brien & have been feeling rather down lately. This commercial is short, but funny. I've always found Conan hilarious - he can bring me out of any slump, and recently I've been especially sad.

By the way, did anyone see those leggings that Taylor Momsen wore to an event recently? (well obviously you have now, since there's a photo above...) They are gorgeous! And so are her shoes. But seriously, that shirt could be a bit longer - leggings are not pants! Either way, she's looking so much better than she was a month ago! A lot more healthy & young (but that's not saying much - ha!).


The Clothes Horse said...

I'm loving Taylor's style lately, but I do agree--leggings are not pants!

Becca Jane said...

I do love those leggings - they are so unique! But yes, I agree the top should be longer.

Anonymous said...

uhm , they aren't leggings lol
i was watching a video of her going through her favorite clothes like her leather jackets and vintage slip dresses and those were in there . they're actually pants .. i was surprised , thought they were leggings too
but nope .. they're pants
just thought maybe you'd wanna know =)