Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking one from the guys

Menswear is an incredibly beautiful (and sadly underrated) thing. The blazers, the suspenders, bowties, scarves, shoes, vests, cumberbunds, lapels....the list goes on! I've selected a few formal wear looks to highlight as some inspiration. Most looks are mainly black and white.

Model Sean Opry in Yves Saint Laurent. A silver scarf, black velvet jacket, and baggy grey pants.

Actor Liam Aiken at a movie premiere, wearing a red button down, thick argyle sweater vest, and blazer.

Models for Barney's, in gorgeous blazers/jackets. On the left, in a very unique green tie. On the right, in satin-y pants with a stripe up the leg's side.

Model Cole Mohr in Thom Browne S 09, wearing cropped, striped pants, a matching blazer, a khaki blazer, skinny tie, and cropped best.

Assorted models on the runway.

Unknown model at unknown show, wearing a heather grey blazer, tee shirt, and cumberbund.

Unknown model at unknown show, wearing boots, skinny pants, leather gloves, a chain, and loosened tie. Topped off with a satin-y top hat.

Two more models. On left, a velvet ensemble, white gloves, a popped collar, and bowtie. On right, a model wearing a long coat and matching pants.
I hope that this provided a bit of inspiration. I'm currently working on organizing a collection of daily wear (from men) and a couple of different collections from musicians.


She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

I love dark dark grey, especially as a blazer. I am currently looking for one at the moment, but it is a surpsisingly difficult conquest to find one in the right budget and style that I like.

Kelly said...

i love all the great jackets they are wearing...
and Sean Opry looks greeeeat.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love the 1st and 2nd looks, and the velvet suit at the end. I think in the first one though, the scarf looks more like it's made out of fur than silver material. Good post though! :D

Caroline said...

I'm always so inspired by menswear. I love the structure.

evita nuh said...

tottaly agree! man clothes are super cool! i love wearing them myself : )

ahh this is the first time i come to your blog : ) and i love your blog!

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