Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Emma Watson looks like an angel

Emma Watson always looks so elegant & mature in all those white dresses she's been wearing lately - I love her. And I'm loving the simple makeup that makes her features pop (innocently so). She achieved the whole angelic look again last night at the National Movie Awards. I love the touch of the ball-and-chain Chanel purse with the billowy Alexander McQueen dress which is to die for. I believe she's wearing Alexander McQueen peep-toe pumps, too. I love her star earrings - they make up for her killer posture that actually causes me pain.

However, I guess the dress wasn't closing right & when she went to present an award, the back unbuttoned and could not be fixed. For the after party she switched into this adorable outfit. It looks so cozy! Apparently Em got the note that fringe boots are "in style" this season. Huh. I love the cardigan and wrapped up scarf with the printed shorts, though. Why is it that she looks good in almost everything?

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Lauren said...

I love her dress. And her shoes. Yea their Alexander McQueen shoes, specially made for the occasion.

I love the second outfit as well. If I was too wear something like that I would look terrible but Emma looks gorgeous. She didnt actally go to the after-party. Her and her friends went to the Mahika Club instead