Sunday, September 7, 2008

scary taylor

Okay, so I know that I blog about Taylor Momsen a lot, but I honestly (used to?) really, really love her and her fashion. But is it just me, or is she headed in the majorly wrong direction? She is 15! 1-5!
Let's start with the makeup & hair. Whoever did her makeup should be shot. She looks like 25 cents a dance. The lip colour is gross - a weird glittery nude colour. Her eye makeup (black again - surprise!) is literally smeared across her eyes (raccoon, anyone?). It makes her look like a stoned drug addict. The fact that she never smiles anymore makes it worse & adds to the whole hung-over-look. Her hair! I loved her hair before....a lot! But what's up with the freaky Bangles-inspired mullet? It's really....creepy. But then again, it's a mullet, how is it not creepy?

I love her dress! The wrap-body and black skirt with a bit of a pouf. But it should be so much longer. Taylor always wears short dresses, I know, but this is just too much for me. Plus, she's so skinny! There were some very disturbing side shots of her where her back and shoulders were quite literally skin stretched over bones. Quickly losing respect for Taylor, sorry kid.

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