Saturday, August 30, 2008

Could fall come sooner?

I went to the Minnesota State Fair (where they have some 500 foods on a stick, including chocolate dipped bacon - gross) the other day with my friend. After we ate some halfways respectable food (gator fries, deep fried mac&cheese on a stick, unfrozen grapes on a stick, cotton candy, chocolate belgian waffle on a stick, etc.) we sat and watched people. I honestly wish I had my camera with me because of some of the priceless outfits you see there. However, almost every girl under the age of 25 seemed to be wearing flip flops, way to short Abercrombie&Fitch shorts, and a Hollister top.

So, ignoring the fact that I was just wearing skinny jeans, a Hurley beater, & my kick ass blue Nikes, I ask what the hecccckkkk? I'm sorry but for serious, what is happening? I felt sick after a while just seeing all these girls dressed exactly the same. And let me just say that not all of them could pull the short shorts off well. And the idea of wearing flip flops to the nasty old state fair is sickening.

Finally this adorable girl skipped by in beaten converse, skinny skinny jeans and a beater (very much like I was wearing, but she looked better). But the most fetching part of her outfit was that she had a bandana in her hair, like a funky headband. That just looked way to stellar for words and I must now pull out my random blue bandana & figure out how she did that.

On another note, school starts in a matter of days and summer has finally decided to start heating up now, right in time for 100-some kids to pack together into a hallway wearing these hugely thick, scratchy polo shirts. Thanks old man summer, way to go. Anyways, just needed to mini-vent about the state fair & the grossness of our uniform shirts in the heat. Lets hope for fall & the cute clothes that come with it!

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alfred said...

I agree the waffle on a stick so respectable food for me. I love to eat those different sweets on the top of it.