Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm sorry, but whaaaa?

I'm sorry, but what the heccckkk was Taylor thinking? I love - seriously LOVE - this girl's fashion...most of the time. But this outfit, ensemble, entire look is just....ugh. Let's start at the top:

1. Her hair: She looks bloody gorgeous with it parted to the side. The middle part just makes your head look funky.

2. Her makeup: Drop all that dark eye shadow, please! Lighten up on the foundation and SMILE. Black nail polish can add a funky-rocker edge, but with this particular outfit it's like, blaaah.

3. The jewelry: With a sparkly top and all that black, HUGE diamond necklaces just look tacky and out of place. Replace with something smaller and more innocent.

4. The jacket: Okay, I'll admit that I like the jacket & the popped collar. Just not with that shirt or those pants.

5. The shirt: I like the shirt, too, just not with the jacket or those pants. I've always had a thing for sequins.

6. The...pants?: weird, stretchy, skinny....pants? They're like ski pants. I am utterly confused.

7. The shoes: complete the tackiness of this outfit.

Overall, it's like those 5th graders when they go through the awkward goth phase, except she looks like an old woman while doing it. This outfit makes me want to gag. I will just push it out of my mind and pretend that Taylor still has excellent taste.

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